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Different T-Shirt Styles and how to wear them right

Different T-Shirt Styles and how to wear them right

Lately, a t-shirt has become a quintessential fabric to decorate your wardrobe with. The evolution of the t-shirt is quite impressive. From the first prototype that was created in the US in 1800, this elegant piece of cloth has undergone tremendous changes to emerge as a vital garment in anyone’s closet. From a workwear staple to an ultimate style statement, wearing a T-shirt would be like narrating the whole story over and over again.

Undoubtedly, a t-shirt is the most comfortable garment to elaborate your dressing style. There are no buttons, no eye closures or hooks; just pass it over your head, and you are done. Quite easy, you know, but not so easy, though. Most t-shirt do not know the different styles of t-shirts available to them and the way to wear the right t-shirt in the right style.

If you wish to know more about your favorite garment, take a cue from the following t-shirt styles and styling tips later to enjoy wearing your classic t-shirt in its ultimate style.

Different T-Shirt Styles And How To Wear Them Right

The Classic Crew Neck StyleProbably, this is the most popular style of t-shirt seen on the streets. Characterized by a round neckline, a crew neck t-shirt is a go-getter t-shirt. Ideal for people with narrow and long faces, a crew neck t-shirt helps in creating a round silhouette for slim people. The crew neck t-shirt is a timeless attire suiting men since time immemorial.

  1. The Longline T-Shirt

Showcasing a longline t-shirt would mean wearing this elegant piece of attire reaching your thighs. People who have loved wearing Kurtas always can now wear long crew-neck t-shirts that will pose a unique look for you. I suggest you buy this style of t-shirt in a standard fit to suit your slim pants.

  1. The Henley Short-Sleeved T-Shirt

A summer-appropriate t-shirt looks damn better than its counterparts like Henley long-sleeved t-shirts and grand collar shirts. Grab this style of t-shirt today to nail your casual wear in a jiffy. This style of a t-shirt can flaunt a flattering style when paired with the right bottoms. Try out slim-fit denim with boots for a classy look.

  1. Printed T-Shirts

Did I just say those are printed tees?

Well, most of you are irked by the thought of buying a printed tee as you do not wish to experience the headache of integrating it with your other attire. Nevertheless, pairing printed tees with your different wardrobe is pretty simple. Try it out with your denim shorts or some unstructured blazer for the right look.

  1. Polo T-shirt With Collars

Last, let us not forget our polos.

The polo t-shirts were popular for golfers a few years back, but today, they are adorned with many other things like etched text, graphics, and more to create a drooling look. Men who are into a lean frame can take advantage of this style of t-shirts.

When you know the possible style of t-shirts available to be added to your wardrobe, you need to understand how to style them well.

Ways To Pair Your T-Shirts With Other Clothing

  1. Try it out with your tracksuit.

Bring your designer tracksuit, and try wearing your subtle t-shirt with your bold tracksuit. I am sure that you are going to get that celebrity look easily.

  1. A blazer is always welcome.

Who doesn’t love to wear blazers? I believe we all do. But have you ever thought of pairing your crew neck t-shirt with a cool blazer? Irrespective of the event you are heading to, a blazer paired with a plain t-shirt adds a unique look.

  1. With pleats and braids

For all the stylish females out there, wearing your tee with a pleated skirt will add a new vibe to your dressing sense. However, pairing the tee with pleated pants is also not bad for our lovely gentlemen. Pleats and braids, along with your tee, create a striking look.

  1. With a bold suit

Planning to attend an unplanned meeting at the office?

When you are doubtful about these last moment meetings, pairing your t-shirt with a bold suit will make you shine. Present yourself in this casually formal attire and win the hearts of your office colleagues.

With your office pants and chinos

When you are tired of pairing your shirts with your pants and chinos, you can bring out your t-shirt and try to wear it with them. Even the style experts say that t-shirts look good with pants. Would you want to try it today?

You can turn around a casual and subtle t-shirt into something striking and bold with the right kind of styling. Layering the t-shirt is not recommended always, but you can try a different look to stand out on some occasions.


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