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The COVID-19 pandemic had taken all of us by surprise. It halted the day-to-day operations and minimized human interactions. It forced us to quarantine ourselves to our houses in fear of contracting the virus.

Almost a year has passed since the first contraction, and we are still knee-deep in battle. However, the bright side is that vaccines are coming out, and people are taking it. But you may wonder, how can you certify that you have been vaccinated?

The only way to certify your vaccination is to provide proof of your medical records, but this is a private document and cannot be openly shared. So we require a safe, protected certificate that can get the job done.

Vaccertiffy has launched a prototype of a digital vaccine certificate for COVID-19. This ensures that you have been vaccinated, and there is a digital certificate to verify the same. But how can we trust Vaccertify COVID-19 certificates? Is it government-certified?

Let us find out more about Vaccertify and its relevance in the present situation.

What is Vaccertify?

Vaccertify is a prototype platform that provides an easy-to-use digital vaccination certificate for mobile phones. It is a Seattle-based company that provides a private COVID-19 vaccine verification/certificate service. This document displays the name, picture and identifies the vaccination taken.

Vaccertify also includes a scannable QR code that takes the inquirer to the Vaccertify profile, revealing the ID when a security pin is entered. To acquire the certificate, you must obtain a COVID-19 vaccination and submit the vaccine record, a government-issued ID, and a selfie.

This platform is still in the prototype stages and waiting for an official vaccine to be released to run a pilot program. Vaccertify is the optimal solution for assuring vaccination in social interactions. It provides a safe and private way to prove vaccination history, and no one will have to ask a stranger for their medical records explicitly.

The idea for Vaccertify arose when the co-founder was looking for a vaccinated babysitter for her newborn. It was too risky to take the babysitter’s word and too invasive to ask for their medical records.

The cherry on top is that the documents you submit are deleted as you get certified to enhance safety. You do not require to download any app on your phone either; it is web-based, and you don’t even have to log in.

How to acquire a Vaccertify certificate?

In order to acquire a Vaccertify certificate, you need to do the following –

  • Be 18 years or older and get a COVID-19 vaccination.
  • Get a copy of the Vaccination report from your healthcare provider.
  • Go to this link.
  • Fill out the necessary details such as name, email, the vaccine received, etc.
  • Upload a copy of your ID, selfie, and vaccination record.
  • Choose the certification plan.
  • Place your order and pay via Credit Card.
  • You will receive a confirmation email, and after the analysts review your documents, they will decide if they can certify your vaccination status or not.
  • In case they cannot certify you, they will request better pictures or additional documents. If this is not resolved in 7 days, the money will be refunded.
  • You will receive a certified email containing the link to a digital certificate with a QR code and 4 digit pin code that cannot be changed.
  • You can save this link on your phone, screenshot the certification. Ensure that you memorize the 4 digit pin code. You can now share the QR code with the PIN to confirm your vaccination.

Need for Vaccertify

In 2021, one of the biggest questions that will arise is: “Have you been vaccinated? Can you show some proof?”. Vaccines have saved millions of lives and will continue to do so.

Once someone decides to take the vaccine, how can you share this information while protecting your privacy? This is where Vaccertify comes in. A ‘social pass’ or ‘certificate’ designed can be easily emailed or shared with anyone and will prove to be beneficial and guarantee that you have been vaccinated. It provides a middle ground between taking a stranger’s word and asking a stranger for their medical records.

Although it is not a government-approved certification or government-based agency, their analysts manually verify the client details. Any mismatch will require clarification from the client or rejection of the applicant.

How effective is Vaccertify?

The Vaccertify prototype digital certificate may not be perfect for flight boarders. Still, it may be sufficient for plumbers and electricians to confirm that they have been vaccinated before entering the premises. During these times of worry, a certificate of guarantee can go a long way.

Vaccertify is convenient and easy to use and mainly protects user privacy. With the QR code and your security pin, you can verify that you have been vaccinated. The documents are self-submitted to the platforms, and the analysts manually review them to find any mismatch.

It is perfect for social situations such as –

  • Parties and events
  • Dinner, Lunch, or Brunch gatherings
  • Calling friends over to watch the game
  • Dating or online dating
  • Allowing visitors for the elderly
  • Repair/ Handyman

Vaccertify plans

Vaccertify offers three pricing plans for its users with various needs. These plans are more of a speed of certification.

  1. 7 Day Delivery – $49.99
  2. 3 Day Delivery – $99.99
  3. 24 Hour Delivery – $199.99

Final thoughts

While Vaccertify is not a government agency, it can be perfect for casual social interactions. It may provide the required guarantee that a person is COVID-19 vaccinated, and you can interact with them in a safe environment. They conduct the necessary document verification; however, they do not claim immunity of the verified or guarantee that the certified individual is not contagious.

Although the platform is still in the prototype stage, you can get your certificate once the vaccine is out. Any US citizen 18 years or older can get the certification. Your documents will be deleted from the database once you are certified.

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