Download your own Instagram photos (and those of others)

You can download an archive with all your own Instagram photos, but what if you just want to download a single photo that you have posted on Instagram from another device? Or if you see a nice picture of someone else that you want to download? You can download it manually from any computer, but also with the help of IgVideoDownloader that can be used on any device.

Sometimes I want to show others a photo that I posted on Instagram, but I just don’t have the device near which I posted that photo. Or do I see a photo of someone else that I want to download because, for example, it is a nice background for the desktop of my PC.

Although Instagram doesn’t really block all of that – you can set the app to save the original photo in the camera album of your phone or tablet and with bookmarks you can organize photos of others in folders – they certainly don’t do their best to easy to make to download photos that you see in your timeline. It is not a question of right-clicking and saving (or a long press and then saving on your mobile) because Instagram prefers to keep the photos within their own system. Liken is fine, download is not.

Download all your own Instagram photos in one go

Reluctantly – at least, I have that idea right? – they made it possible at the start of this year to request and download an archive of all your Instagram photos (and videos). I have described that extensively before. That is a great way to make a backup before you decide, for example, to stop using Instagram, but you will not be able to download the few last pictures taken “just as quickly”.

And so I started looking for a way to download individual photos quickly and easily. Both myself and others.

Download Instagram photos with IgVideoDownloader

IgVideoDownloader is a simple website that does only one thing from both PC and mobile device: download media from Instagram. What’s in a name, right? It is a matter of entering the link to the image or video and, if it is a non-protected account, then download.

But how do you get the direct link to an Instagram photo?

In the iOS and Android apps for Instagram you go to the menu with the three dots that you see above each post. There you choose Copy link which you can then paste into the bar of the mobile version of the IgVideoDownloader website. If you are looking for your own photos in the iOS app, then you have a small extra step through your profile tab: in the menu with the three dots you first choose Share and then Copy link.

Via the web version of Instagram on your PC you use the sharing icon – a box with the up arrow – and you see the option to copy the link there.

If you then paste the link in IgVideoDownloader and click on the Download button, a Download image button will appear below it if it is a valid link to an image. (or Download video if it is a video).

And tadaa! The photo has been downloaded.


Download manually via the web version on your PC

In the ‘Why do it when it can be difficult’ category for people who, just like me, wonder how Instagram hides the download link to placed photos in the web version, you can also start looking for the uploaded photos and manually upload them in the open browser. And save.

If you click on the date / time of the photo in the web version of your Instagram timeline via where things like ‘1 hour ago’ or ‘48 hours ago’ you will be gone to the site page of the individual Image. Instead of copying and pasting the link in the browser into IgVideoDownloader, you can also right-click anywhere on the page and choose View Page Source.

Don’t be shocked because you will get to see the HTML view of the page, but there you will also find the Very Long link to the uploaded photo when searching for og: image.

Copy this long link and then open it in a new tab to view the photo, in original uploaded resolution, and possibly download it.

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