Driver’s License and ID Card Information of Arizona.

In July 2017, the state of Arizona began to issue driver’s licenses and ID cards under the RIDE (Records and Information from DMVs for E-Verify) program. The data of an employee whose List B document for Form 1-9 is a submission of an Arizona ID card or driver’s license will be urged to input his or her document information by E-Verify which will then validate it against Arizona records.

Some important facts about driver’s licenses and ID cards issued under E-Verify are listed below.

  • For any Arizona document that is titled Instruction Permit, Commercial Driver’s License, or Driver’s License, in E-Verify you will have to choose “Driver’s License” as the name of such document.
  • For any Arizona document which is tagged Identification Card, you are to choose “ID Card” as the name of that document in E-Verify.
  • In the state of Arizona, persons under the age of 21 are issued vertical driver’s licenses or ID cards while persons aged 21 and older are issued horizontal driver’s licenses and ID cards.
  • ID cards and driver’s licenses in Arizona have document numbers (these are the figures that are circled in the samples). This has nine figures consisting of an alphabet and eight numbers.
  • It was on the 28th of March, 2016 that Arizona started to issue ID cards and driver’s licenses bearing the present design.
  • You can check out the Arizona Department of Transportation Driver Services website for more details on Arizona ID cards and driver’s licenses.

How to get an Arizona fake id

Do you want to get an Arizona fake id? If so, keep reading!

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Keep in mind that the ID card comes with many benefits:

  • It can be used as an identity document or form of photo identification for those who have reached the age of majority in their jurisdiction;
  • It can serve as proof of age when purchasing alcohol from licensed establishments;
  • Some people use them as part-time jobs because they can work under different identities.

What happens if you get caught with a fake id in Arizona?

It depends on what you plan to do with it and the kind of ID you’re trying to use, a fake id with a photo of an underage person trying to enter a nightclub or purchase beer wouldn’t be allowed. If the police are involved, they would confiscate the identification card and initiate legal action on charges related to that jurisdiction’s law.

If somebody is trying to get backstage to a concert with a fake “with the band” clip-on, they would either be thrown out by security or allowed in if they were looking snazzy.

Any fake driver’s license, health care, or other government-issued ID would result in serious legal consequences.

If you are caught trying to enter a public or private privilege environment, law enforcement would most likely be involved. Although a breach on any level can be cause for alarm, a serious breach will result in professional officials with more resources.

Possible Punishment for fake id in Arizona

Using a fake ID is a class one (1) misdemeanor in the State of Arizona.  Class one (1) misdemeanor carries a range of possible punishment which includes probation, a maximum punishment of six months in jail, and a $2,500 fine with an 84% surcharge.

In addition to the possibility of probation and jail, per A.R.S. §8-3309, your license could be suspended for six months on a first conviction, and twelve months for a second or subsequent, conviction.

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