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Sure, there is little doubt of the fact that breakdowns are sometimes unavoidable and we all have to cope up with them every now and then. It is as simple as that. However, the aspect of awareness also needs to be taken into consideration by a large majority of people out there as well. If one is simply not aware of the problem, how is one supposed to go about doing anything about it? Thankfully, in today’s day and age, more and more boat owners across the board are becoming aware of certain problems that boats tend to face from time to time. Not only are they making all of the necessary checks from time to time, but also keeping themselves aware of certain key issues. On that very note, let us take a look at the seven most common causes of engine breakdown in boats :-

An electrical system failure

You may have the best marine electronics in Perth, but there is still nothing that can save you from this problem. This happens mainly due to the water being there on the bilge.


Since starting the motor is the main job, it is safe to say that keeping a dry bilge needs to be the highest priority for most boat owners out there.

Running out of fuel

This problem seems to be on the increase as there have been more and more cases of boat fuel gauges being quite inaccurate on the whole. Being stuck in the middle of the sea with no fuel is not something anyone wants to be faced with. So do make sure that you carry extra fuel and know the overall range of your boat.


This can be caused either due to rubbish like plastic being sucked into the intakes to failure in replacing the seal of the strainer. Do make sure that you check the seal every now and then.

Battery failure

This is not that hard to repair, but you will have to shut down the whole boat for the time being. This can turn out to be a gruelling uphill task if the boat is massive in size. Carrying an emergency portable power pack to jump-start the engine would be highly recommended.

Fouled propeller

This is probably one of the most common causes of engine breakdown in general due to the common occurrence of propellers being tangled in fishing nets or ropes. You need to remember to thoroughly check the propeller after tangling as the chances of it being damaged will be much higher.

Mechanical failures

In this regard, the most common scenarios are dropped valves or broken broken camshafts. For the most part, when this happens, the boats are advised to use the wind to sail into a sheltered anchorage. Only then can the damage be thoroughly assessed.

Water and fuel leaks

Even though the chances of this happening are slim, one does need to be careful. Carrying spare hoses and clips, as well as constant visual checks on your engine, are enough to keep this problem at bay.

At the end of the day, do whatever it takes to educate yourself about boat engines and their various requirements. That way, you will be less clueless the next time something goes wrong. Don’t ever forget the sheer importance of keeping yourself well-informed every step of the way. Most other related aspects are secondary in comparison. Most importantly, make sure that you keep a complete set of spares such as belts, filters, hoses and the like on board at all times. There’s just no telling when you might need them the next time. And lastly, don’t forget to run a dry bilge.

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