Everything You Need to know about BMX Airbag Landing

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Many athletes use the BMX landing airbag, and its design is unique and attractive. The inflatable BMX landing is different from others because it is more prominent in size and its structure.

Size of BMX Landing Airbag:

  • The higher volume of the BMX landing airbag is 16×8×4m.
  • It is such a big size for BMX usually, and this size for BMX riding airbag is scarce.
  • However, the regular size for the BMX landing airbag is about 7×3×2.5m. The BMX landing airbag is specially designed for high jumps airbag landing.
  • It also provides the opportunity to perform the tricks and play at less risk. You can perform expertly and prepare correctly for your show.

Air Vents:

There is a ramp underneath the airbag where the landing airbag is separated from the ramp. There are also several air vents present on the side of the airbag. These events are used for the adjustments and the best software for your needs. So BMX landing airbag is specially designed for those athletes and performers to have fun. You can search good one easily by searching online and you will find best BMX Airbag For Sale

Features of BMX Airbag Landing:

  1. There are many features of the BMX landing airbag.
  2. There is an inflated landing ramp present beneath the airbag.
  3. There are two-layered chambers in the landing airbag.
  4. Air vents are present for softness adjustments.
  5. Side bumpers are present to keep the jumpers from sliding off the sign. These are optional.
  6. Two-year warranty.
  7. Stronger reinforcement.
  8. Logo branding with printing on it.
  9. The top sheet is removable and replaceable.
  10. Dual D rings connection, which is strong enough.


a. For fixation, the advance anchoring system.

What are the Advantages of BMX Airbags?

There are many advantages of BMX Airbags.

Material of Airbag:

The material of the BMX landing airbag is of high-quality in which we use the most advanced point, 5 mm PVC tarpaulin, which is coated fabric with mesh inside. The material of the airbag is made by the famous supplier. These are fire reductant and waterproof and also has a strong tensile strength.

RemovableTop Sheet:

The good thing about our top sheet is that it provides unbeatable flexibility and durability. The airbag is removable, and we can also replace it if it is worn out.

Dual D Rings Connection:

  1. There is a dual D- ring connection in these airbags. The airbags are stronger enough as it is made up of stainless steel.
  2. The web strip of these rings is 5 cm wide. So when the riders land on it these inflated landing bags, it provides enough anchoring system.
  3. The anchor system is essential for the form fixation, especially when there is snow or dirt.
  4. In these airbags, the anchoring is made of stainless steel and also has a longer working life.

Air Vent System:

  • To make the independent adjustment of the softness of both the upper and lower airbag chambers, multiple adjustable events are significant to adjust the air vent system.
  • It all depends on the preferences and training targets of athletes who want to perform in sports or any occasion.
  • The airbags from our company offer the riders to show their skills at any level.
  • They can also practice their tricks before taking them on a real landing.

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