Everything You Need To Know About Human Hair Topper


Hair loss and balding is one of the most dreaded phases of someone’s life, often detrimental to your confidence and style. Do you know you can easily hide your hair loss and bald spot? We all know the obsolete use of wigs that involves a lot of effort to cover up only a small area on the head. Now that’s where the universally applicable hair toppers come in. Read along to find out everything you need to know about Human Hair Toppers and how to get the best ones to fix the dent in your self-esteem:

What are human hair toppers?


Human hair toppers are among the hottest commodities in the hairstyling industry, with everyone going head over heels for them. Hair toppers are lightweight, customized, and adjustable hairpieces that are clipped in to cover up bald spots brought about by alopecia and hair loss or add some volume to your look. There’s a hair topper for everyone due to their versatility of choices based on styles, sizes, lengths, thickness, and application positions. They are also made from synthetic hair, but we will only focus on human hair topper in this blog.

Human hair topper is commonly called wiglet for its’ miniature Wigs-like appearance and application. Hair topper functions just like human hair wigs but requires less effort and works on a smaller surface. Finding the perfect hair topper is a tedious task that requires maximum attention. Getting the hair topper that fits best for you and your vision will let you stand out in a crowd with amazingly long and thick hair that cannot be detected.

What human hair toppers used for, and why are they so popular?

Hair toppers, as already mentioned, are generally used to cover up patches of bald spots or add thickness and consistency to thinning hair sections. Women wear this excellent hair accessory on the crown and top of their heads, the usual balding and hair thinning zones. Human hair toppers are extremely easy to wear and very comfortable than wigs, making them outrageously popular recently. The wiglet is a convenient and location-specific mini wig that comes with a simple clip-in mechanism for installation that is comparatively more secure and seamless than wigs. Human hair toppers are usually hand-made, making this sought-after commodity more lucrative the best focus on details and authenticity.


How are human hair toppers different from human hair wigs?

Human hair wigs are usually meant to cover your whole head used by men going through balding otherwise for a temporary switch up in look. Wigs are comparatively more massive compared to all hair products, and it also blankets your hair hampering aeration and growth. On the other hand, human hair toppers are a perfect switch from hair wig that can be worn or installed at a specific position.

Hair toppers are comparatively lighter and useful in covering bald spots and adding volume in areas of thinning hair. You can get the best human hair toppers at Diva Divine Hair that offers natural-looking hair toppers for all-purpose, New Hairstyle For Girls, thickness, and length. Unlike human hair wigs, you can let your portions of natural hair shine and make up for the balding spots with the hair topper. Compared to wigs, you have more styling and comfort with human hair toppers for its’ lightweight, convenient and seamless installment.

What is human hair toppers made of?

Hair toppers are made both from human hair and synthetic hair fiber, but Diva Divine Hair offers the best hair toppers made from the most delicate human hair attached to monofilament, lace, and silk base. The size of the topper depends on the size of the base the human hair is linked to in sizes of 1.3”x3”, 5”x5”, 10”x10”, and between. The hair toppers also come in varying lengths and thickness depending on the purpose and style. Hair toppers are usually hand-made, and the hair topper’s quality depends on the attention invested by the workers. The best human hair toppers have known to have undergone through taxing and strenuous human handling and manufacturing.

How to choose a human hair topper for you?

To choose a human hair topper, you first need to know how much thinning hair or hair loss you have. To get an accurate account of hair loss and thinning, you need to measure the hair loss area from front to back and side to side with a measuring tape. You should add an extra inch to each measurement that will be the size you will require. Look up some tutorial videos on YouTube if the process seems too complicated or confusing. With a proper understanding of the extent and level of hair loss and hair thinning you are going through, you will know how much coverage you need from your hair topper. Choosing your human hair topper will significantly streamline and narrow down the search if you know the perfect topper base requirement for you.

How to style human hair topper?

Styling a human hair topper is straightforward as the topper develops a memory of being repeated shaped and positioned. They effortlessly fall into your desired style with only a couple of uses. We recommend using a mannequin head to style your hair topper if you are new to them and feel a bit handicapped.

Here is a comprehensive procedure the pros have developed to style a human hair topper:

Place the human hair topper on a mannequin head.

Spray them with water.

Comb them through.

Dry them.

Apply heat protectant spray.

Straighten or curl them as you wish.

Gently clip them on your head.

How to wash and care for human hair toppers?

Human hair toppers do not require to be washed or cleaned as frequently as your natural hair, but experts suggest washing them once every two weeks. Human hair toppers don’t become greasy as they don’t collect oils from the scalp enabling them to go without a wash for almost two weeks. Constant washing of human hair toppers will make them dry, brittle, and significantly shorten its’ lifespan.

How long do human hair toppers last?

On an average human hair, toppers have a lifespan between six months to over a year with proper maintenance and care. To extend your hair topper’s lifespan, we suggest you store your hair topper in a box when not used to prevent it from collecting dust and dirt. Using sulfate-free shampoos and conditioners, monitoring washes, and gentle handling will have a great deal of help to prolong your unique human hair topper experience. Regular usage of deep conditioners, leave-in conditioners, and serums will also help keep the hair topper soft and nourished.

How much does a human hair topper cost?

Human hair toppers can be a massive investment to make as they are hand-made with the utmost care and precision to replicate a natural-looking hairline. The price of hair toppers varies with the size of the base, production process, type of hair used, and the thickness of the topper hair density. Taking the daunting task of investing in a quality human hair topper has never left anybody unrewarded. People have always oozed with confidence, pomp, and finesse after getting a human hair topper to cover their bald spots and thinning hair. You can also bring back your mojo and style this Diwali with some of the best human hair toppers at Diva Divine Hair’s mega Diwali Sale here.


There you have it; these are everything you need to know about human hair toppers to get you started on your road to redemption. Don’t flinch any more now get the best Human Hair Topper to cover up your balding spots or thinning hair with undetectable style. You deserve to walk with chic and boldness. Don’t let anything stop you.

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