Fascinating Facts About The World’s Most Famous Tropical Blossoms


Anthurium is a lush plant and hence is fond of sunlight. But again, don’t forget that it needs excellent light for a more significant duration of time and not direct and intense sunlight.

Certainly, anthuriums are the most famous tropical perennials that are indigenous to Northern Argentina, Northern Mexico and America, and some sections of the Caribbean. It is prevalent in the botanical world for its unusual shape and brilliant color. The heart-shaped perennial appears in lively colors. These perennials have altered leaves, named as spathes. The original bulb of the anthurium plant is small flowers that line the plump inner stalk known as a spadix.


There are various more fascinating facts about these plants, and this article is all about them.


Types and Meanings


The title Anthurium is attained from two Greek words – anthos and oura. anthos means blossom and Oura means tail. The head of this bloom leads to such a type of name. The other titles presented to this perennial are- tail flower, bull’s head, flamingo flowers, laceleaf, etc.


There are two kinds of anthurium blossoms. One is Tulip Anthurium blossoms, whose appearance mirrors that of the tulips. These are the tiniest variation of anthuriums and bare bulbs of 2 to 6 inches in size. Another kind is the regular anthurium perennials, which are the oldest ones and appear in the shape of a heart. The majority of them arrive in intense colors like red, orange, green, or pink. The blossoms vary from 3 to 8 inches. A great choice if you want to send flowers to hyderabad.


How To Grow These Flowers?


There are four techniques to cultivate these plants, and they are- tissue culture, vegetative propagation, fertilization, and seeds.

It requires heavy clay soil or sandy loam to flourish well.

Also, the soil should be incredibly organic to retain water for a more considerable period, along with an excellent drainage system.

You need to install these plants on elevated beds of 20 cms depth and 1.3 to 2 meters wide.

Put a stick post installing to provide support to the plant.

Also, you need to water the plant quickly after sowing.

Also, you can utilize a layer of semi-rotted wood, coconut husks, or sugar cane bagasse, and that would enhance the fruitfulness of the soil, driving to better health of the ground.

Also, don’t forget that fertilization is exceptionally essential for these plants.


How To Care for These Plants?

Any plant needs minimum care to thrive well. This is how you can take care of these plants.

The primary and principal thing to identify is that you need to water your plant meticulously. But you should also enable the plant to drain out before watering again. In case you fail to do that, then the roots of the plant will start to decay. And, in situations you overwater, the leaves of the plant will become yellow.

You are required to mulch this plant once each month.

Throughout the winters, this Anthurium will need six weeks of rest time at 15 degrees Celsius and with a minimal quantity of water. So, consider all these tips when ordering these plants via online flower delivery in Noida.


What Do Anthuriums Signify?


This lush perennial plant signifies love, happiness, hospitality, and abundance. The red anthurium blossoms signify passion and love, and the pink flowers indicate femininity, compassion, and motherly love. The gorgeous white anthuriums represent purity and innocence.


Best Events To Gift Anthurium:


Anniversary: As mentioned earlier, the red anthuriums signify passion and love. Hence, for your forthcoming anniversary, you can go for a beautiful basket composition of red anthuriums.

Valentine’s Day: The alluring heart shape of these perennials makes it one of the most popular Valentine’s Day blossoms. Although it is a little strange because Valentine’s Day usually relates to red roses, but if you desire to be distinct from others, then go for this unusual perennial.

Mother’s Day: The pink-colored anthuriums regard motherly love, and hence on Mother’s Day, you can choose a combination of pink anthuriums to amaze your beloved mother and send them to her vis flower delivery in Mumbai.

Wedding: This tropical decorative blossom is greatly utilized for embellishment designs. Thus this perennial would be an excellent choice as a wedding day décor. Additionally, it signifies happiness and abundance, and hence the couple would be blessed in the presence of these amazing blossoms.


Some More Fun Facts About Anthurium Flowers:


These exotic plants have over a 1000 species.

These plants are perennial by the character, which indicates they grow throughout the year.

Well, it might look like a glistening blossom, but those vivid heart-shaped things which people call a bloom are genuinely not a blossom. So, what is it then? Well, it is termed as a shield-like leaf or spathe. The primary purpose of this spathe is to coat the spadix that includes small bulbs while growing.

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