Food and Cost of Eating out in Zanzibar Tips

A tropical inland in the hot Indian ocean off the coast of mainland Tanzania, Zanzibar is a location full of multicultural and history heritage. It provides endless amazing experience for travelers with Zanzibar  tour packages, including dining out in Arabian style houses, on rooftop areas or even on a rock in the ocean. Enjoy eating out on the Spice island with our hand-picked guide of the best restaurants not to miss in Zanzibar.

Things to do in Zanzibar

LA Taverna

A best choice for visitors with an appetite for well-cooked Italian food, La Taverna is the location to go for crispy pizzas and homemade pastas. Every item is made from fresh ingredients, some even imported from Italy to keep the flavors real and faithful. The menu contains all the tasty classics of the Italian gastronomy, starting with panni, tagliatelle bolognese, and pizzas prepared using family recipes on a wood-fired oven, the only one of its kind in Zanzibar. La Taverna also provides a big collection of best international wines from Spain, France, Chile and South Africa.

Zanzibar Serena Inn

Zanzibar Serena Inn is near to the beach, the historical sights of the Sultan palaces and Portuguese architectural remnants that rule the old part of Zanzibar called as Stone Town. This little luxurious hotel is a preferred attraction for visitors looking for chic experiences in this eclectic African town. Its rooftop terrace restaurant provides dreamy sights over the bay and exceeds sights over the bay and excels in serving fresh seafood based on daily catches of sea bream, kingfish, white and red snapper, cobia, barracuda, sailfish, rock cod, tuna, calamari, and prawns.

House of Spices

A reminder of Zanzibar’s long standing industry spice, the House of Spices is one of the most famous restaurants in Stone town. The restaurant occupies one of the terraces where the spices were dried before being packed. The other rooms of this 3 floor eighteen-century house have been used in the past for the selling and production of this precious merchandise. The restaurant serves a global menu tempting pizzas and Mediterranean dishes.

The Rock Zanzibar

The Rock is probably one of the most amazing restaurants in Africa. Literally placed on the rock in the blue waters of the Italian Ocean, this restaurant is one of the most famous in Zanzibar and a high-end stop for those who want to enjoy fresh seafood recipes in exotic settings.

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