Free Your Face – 5 Tips To Help You feel confident without makeup acne

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how to feel more confident without makeup

We get it. Makeup can be so tedious. It takes ages to apply, and some mornings, it feels like you need a fine arts degree to blend your eye shadow. By the time you leave the house, you’re fixing the Alice Cooper smudges under your eyes, thanks to that soft eyeliner. With all this talk of inner beauty and appreciating the real skin you’re in, it’s easy to develop a complex. Does it worry you that you feel insecure about appearing in public with no makeup on? You’re not alone. These five tips will help you to flaunt your natural beauty on those off days:


Start with a Smile

You know those people that seem to shine permanently, even in the shade? They’re always glowing? It’s not a magic potion, it’s just inner happiness. Happiness is magnetic, people feel it and they’re drawn to it. It’s difficult to fake, so don’t. Instead, work on your smile. Start with professional teeth whitening if you’re self conscious. It’s the fastest way to improve your appearance.


A Clear Complexion

Many ladies wear makeup daily to cover those imperfections. However, by covering them with makeup products that contain harsh ingredients and oils, you often end up creating clogged pores which results in more serious issues, like acne. This, in turn, leads you to reaching for more foundation. You have to break out of this cycle and give your skin a rest. To clear up your skin and gain flawless radiance, try to avoid foods that trigger skin conditions and remember to cleanse all the makeup off your face at night.

Accessorize Differently

Accessorize your outfit. Earrings, a necklace, sunglasses, and bangles all add a touch of femininity without the makeup. Add an extra detail to your hair – perhaps a hair band or trying out a new upstyle – to draw out the features of your face, naturally. These extra accessories will also ensure your look is put-together and well thought out.

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You’re Not a Wallflower – Water Yourself Well

Hydration is one of the most undervalued (yet, well promoted) elements in beauty. People have often associated drinking water with the health and fitness industry. Yet, water is such an important basis for every aspect of our lives, it falls into the category of beauty and self-care, too. Medical research suggests that drinking water may help with weight loss, slowing down visible aging, and even contribute to higher energy levels. How much water should you drink? 8 glasses of water per day will help your skin cells to regenerate more effectively while also hydrating your skin, leading to a fuller, younger appearance with fewer imperfections.

Get Lashes For Days and Enhance Your Eyes

One of the easiest go-to makeup solutions to boost your confidence is mascara. Ditch the eyelash-ruining products and nourish your lashes so that they grow back thicker, stronger and delightfully long. Apply a few drops of castor oil to your eyelashes at bedtime, every night. In the morning, add a little eye cream to your lashes for moisture, curl them upwards and voila! You’re ready to rock the day.

A Positive Start

If your find your skin looks exceptionally flawed when you first stop wearing makeup – don’t be alarmed. It may be that you’re so used to seeing yourself with makeup on. It may also be that your skin is in fact, readjusting. Give it time, if you can allow your skin a few days to settle, your skin tone will even out and you may find an improvement in acne.

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