Google responds to CCN.com’s closure announcement and blacklisting cryptocurrency sites


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By this time, everyone must have heard about the closure announcement of CCN.com which is a big cryptocurrency news website. However, they say that after the June 2019 update, they have been hit hard. For this reason, their traffic as well as revenue has taken a major hit and is not sustainable anymore.

However, CCN.com took a u-turn and announced that they are not going anywhere. The reason is that they are seeing their content being indexed once again in Google search results. And they believe that it will take time to get back to where they were before but they will get there eventually.

On the Google June 2019 update, CCN.com alleged that Google is targetting Cryptocurrency news sites with this update. However, Google hints that those allegations are not true. One of Google’s representatives has said that “With any update, some sites might not perform as well as in the past, while other sites might perform better.”

Obviously, Google does not reveal much regarding what is included in the update but this is still a good hint at what exactly goes on at the company. On the issue of Google targetting Cryptocurrency news websites with this update, CCN.com’s Borchgrevink says that “I know they all are (worried)” hinting at the website owners who are worried about this update. Also, he says that “I’ve been in touch with most of them”.

However, CCN.com’s rankings drop is not seen by other major cryptocurrency publications. In fact, The Block has noticed that their website is up by 70% month-on-month from May vs April and they say that “we continue to see record traffic despite the Google Core Update, which had a minor negative impact on our traffic”. CoinDesk’s John Biggs, on the issue of the negative impact of June 2019 update, says “Not that anyone has noticed.” This reveals that not every Cryptocurrency news site is affected which means that those websites were not the target

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