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Green Grooming Guide For man and woman 2020

Green Grooming Guide For man and woman 2020

Saffron Rouge is not just a natural makeup and skin care site for organically glamorous gals. We’ve got guys’ green grooming goods covered too. After all, taking care of your skin, looking your best and caring about the ingredients you use on your body has no gender bias. So encourage your husband, your brother, your boyfriend, your dad and all men in your life to put as much thought into their personal care products as you do by shopping Saffron Rouge. Or if discussing proper primping and preening products just doesn’t enthuse your menfolk, you can always just take the bull by the horn and purchase wisely on their behalf.


Can’t guys just slather on the same creams and lotions as girls and be done with it? While some cleansers, exfoliators and moisturizers can be effective for both genders, men’s skin is notably different from women’s skin and therefore has different needs. For starters, higher testosterone levels mean their skin is about 25% thicker, tends to have a higher collagen density and often secretes more sebum. That’s why men naturally don’t show the signs of ageing as quickly as women, something that would be more apparent if it wasn’t mitigated by the fact that women are more likely to use daily sunscreen and moisturizers. Men usually sweat more than women and have more lactic acid in their sweat, therefore their skin has a slightly lower pH level and a slightly higher level of tissue hydration. Furthermore, male facial skin texture is a bit rougher and tougher than female’s softer complexions, and add to that the daily whisker growth and regular shaving slough-off, it has a whole set of unique realities and requirements.

So now that you’re convinced that men’s skincare is more than just metrosexual marketing hype, here are a few Saffron Rouge items that are particularly pure and effective for their cleansing, skin care and grooming needs.Living Nature has a comprehensive men’s line that is specially formulated to naturally nourish guy skin. It includes a Gentle Cleansing Shaving Gel, a Soothing Aftershave Gel a Soothing Moisturizer and even a Firming Eye Gel. This New Zealand based company uses native botanical ingredients that are particularly potent for skincare such as super-hydrating and antimicrobial manuka honey, calming and antiseptic harakeke (New Zealand flax) antioxidant-rich totara extract and naturally lathering kumerahou (also known as gum digger’s soap). These powerhouse plants have been harnessed by the Maoris for centuries and are put to good use in these beneficial skincare products which banish dryness, ease razor burn, smooth away lines and protect skin from environmental stress.

Best-selling Weleda has also created a few personal care products with men in mind. They offer a trio of shaving essentials, featuring a lush yet non-foaming herbal Shaving Cream, a toning and purifying Shaving Lotion for pre- and post-shave revitalization and a protective, nourishing, astringent After Shave Balm that soothes any shaving nicks or razor irritations. These products leave even sensitive skin soft and supple. Also by Weleda is a refreshing Sage Deodorant that offers lasting aluminum-free odor protection with a zesty herbal scent.Dr. Bronner has a impressive roster of “magic” soaps that are wonderful for washing the whole family – hands, body, hair and all (many use them as an all-natural all-purpose household cleanser too). These gentle yet effective USDA Certified Organic and Certified Fair Trade soaps come in all sorts of nourishing natural botanical blends with a few scents that particularly appeal to male consumers, such as the Tea Tree Shikakai Body Soap, Peppermint Shikakai Hand Soap and Eucalyptus Bar Soap. This 60 year old family run brand also has several synthetic-free shaving gels, including an unscented one for those that don’t want a fragrant shave. All Dr. Bronner products are also refreshingly affordable.

Another “Dr.” renowned for his natural skin care line is Dr.Hauschka, and his Clarifying Toner makes the perfect post-shave spritz. It contains anthyllis, calendula, echinacea and witch hazel which purifies, refines and tightens pores. It’s particularly effective for break-out prone or sensitive skin, but any freshly cleansed or shaved face will benefit from this energizing spray. If you want to go a step further, use this in conjunction with his Cleansing Cream, an almond and herb based granular wash that deep cleans, exfoliates and nourishes the skin without drying. This is a product that is effective for both him and her, so be forewarned, you may have to fight for it on the bathroom counter.

Last but not least, a grooming issue that plagues more men than women (although women are certainly not immune to this) – hair, or rather, the thinning thereof. If there’s one area of personal care that might just pique his interest enough to peruse the pages of Saffron Rouge it’s the promise of a natural hair loss remedy. While, sorry, we haven’t found a magic herb or essential oil that will sprout you a head full of locks overnight (whoever discovers and bottles that will hit the jackpot!) we can recommend a petrochemical-free shampoo and conditioner that naturally helps you achieve thicker, fuller and healthier hair. Formulated by yet another “Dr.”, Dr. Robert Jones is a hair restoration expert who created a non-profit Organic Shampoo and Organic Conditioner over 15 years ago to support his patients and anyone who wanted to curtail rapid hair loss. His hair care products are infused with scalp enriching and follicle stimulating botanical ingredients like horsetail, oatmeal protein, aloe vera, biodynamic macadamia oil and wild crafted red clover oil. What have you got to lose

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