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What comes in your mind when you hear the word ‘Hackathon’? Hacking right? But no, the hackathon is not literally about the hacking. Or in other words, you can say it is not related to illegal hacking. Hackathon also works with the databases only, but it is ethical as it has a helpful approach rather than the destructive approach. Let’s know more about Hackathon in detail.

What is Hackathon?

When many software engineers meet and work for a time period together, on any particular subject by using the different shortcuts instead of using the complete procedure, for reaching to any conclusion or result, it is called as a hackathon. It is different from the usual work that the software engineers take. But this helps in unleashing their unique and inner potential of doing other such work related to their field of interest. This helps them to learn about new technologies and tricks which are quite innovative and can help them in long run.

There can be two types of hackathons – the internal one and the external one. The internal one is where the software engineers or the developers from the inside of the company will be part of the hackathon. They may work towards collaborating with external business or companies. In the external ones, it is an open hackathon. They work for providing visibility to the products and services and different brands.

Reasons why one should be a part of Hackathon

Hackathons are interesting, especially when you think of it from a learning perspective. Mostly hackathon organisers have the same perspective in mind while organizing the hackathon. Their idea and result might be different but the reason for bringing people for the hackathon is to get the unique approach for solving things. Below we have listed some reasons why you should go for a Hackathon.

  • The scope of Learning – Hackathons do provide a complete scope for learning. As you get to meet a lot of people in hackathon who possess different skills. So, while working with them you also get to learn about new skills. Other than that, when you work with a new team on a completely different project, you will have to learn many skills. As there are many challenges that are going to come in your way. So, with teamwork, you learn how to tackle with them. Also, as hackathon is more or less related to technology. So, you get to learn about different technologies while working on them. Remember, practical learning is very important than theoretical learning. And in Hackathon, you get to learn by working which is more of practical knowledge.
  • Chances of improvisation – We all need improvements in some or the other fields. But when you get out of your comfort zone, the chances of improvement are more. When you get to work with people from different fields and you have the performance pressure or to finish the work on time or with perfection, there comes the real improvisation. You will do something that is unexpected like you would have never expected to finish any particular work in 10 hours. But you end up finishing it in 10 or less than 10 hours.
  • Discovering Ideas – With different people comes to different innovative ideas also. So, hackathon provides you with a chance to know more about such ideas which can help you as well. Even if you have any idea in your mind you can share it without the fear of being rejected. And you never know if someone likes your idea and it can become useful during the hackathon. By learning ideas from the hackathon, you also develop a creative and innovative approach. Also, these ideas are like learning for you which you can use in the future.
  • Likeminded people – The people who come for a hackathon generally have the same mind-set. No matter from which field they are but the objective is the same. Be it an introvert or an extrovert, hackathons are open for all. As everyone gets out of their comfort area in hackathons, because, for most of the people, the purpose to come there is learning new techniques and skills and creating the best using your own skills with the help of like-minded people. Hackathons are not for lazy people or for those who are not interested in learning things. As hackathon is full of people who are smart, active, enthusiastic, and full of energy.
  • Different roles to explore – If you feel that in hackathon you will get to do what you are good in, then you are wrong. Hackathon is all about the interdisciplinary teams. The Hackathon Organisers may give you a role that is completely different from what you actually do at your workplace. Hackathons are full of developers, coders, testers, designers, and many other people. By working on different roles, you will also get an idea about how things work in different areas. When you have less time to prepare, have to use innovative ideas, and you are doing a work that is not from your core work, then you get to form different things. And that is how hackathon works.
  • More excitement in working – Working in hackathons is a complete excitement. It is not like your usual job routine where you might be coding for long hours every day. Firstly, it is of a very short span like for 24 hours or 2 days. And secondly, it focuses on different roles. What add the real excitement are the challenges that come across while completing the tasks. As there is a lot to do and in all that you have to apply the shortcuts to finish the work on time. So, it is very exciting for self and also in watching others finishing the task so efficiently.

Awards and rewards – Completing hackathon successfully will make you win awards as well as rewards. You may get some goodies from the hackathon organisers. Also, you may make new friends or business partners to collaborate with for some other projects. And the biggest reward will be the learning which you have got in just a short span of time.

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