Here Is What You Need To Know About the Winner of Miss America 2020

MISS AMERICA 2020 -- Pictured: Camille Schrier, Miss America 2020 at Mohegan Sun in Uncasville, CT on Thursday, December 19, 2019 -- (Photo by: Heidi Gutman/NBC)


Camille Schrier has been crowned Miss America 2020. She did a science experiment at the finale which was highly approved by the judges. Let’s find out who this new Miss America really is.


About Camille Schrier

Camille Schrier is a graduate of Virginia Tech. She is a doctor of pharmacy student currently at Virginia Commonwealth University.

This might come to your surprise, but Schrier is not a newcomer to the pageant world. She has been competing in such events since she was 14.  Even though she was experienced, she still found it challenging to come up with an idea to show her passion for science in a pageant. We would agree because pageants aren’t really the best platforms to show the world what you love since they have to be entertaining as well. Plus, lots of people find science boring.


What Was Her Experiment About?

While other contests sang songs and danced, Camille Schrier didn’t shy away from taking a different approach.

She arranged a table with 3 flasks containing dish soap, hydrogen peroxide, and food coloring. She put Potassium iodine (which was her catalyst) into each flask. Suddenly a chemical reaction producing colorful steams of foam occurred. It was fascinating. After seeing the experiment, I quickly used my WOW cable Internet to Google if this experiment is safe to do at home and it was! I’m planning to try it.

Schrier won the competition in smarty-pants; not a gown. She discovered her love for science when she was in grade 8. She has two degrees in biochemistry and systems biology. She has won scholarships and a number of research grants.

Miss America Pageant Rebooted!

Now that the pageant has been revamped (no swimsuits in the competition), Schrier took the opportunity to try Miss Virginia. She not just won the title and crown, but took home $22,000 in scholarship to continue her education. That is great, right?

Last year, it was announced that the women in Miss America contest would not be judged on their appearance or swimsuit worthy body. This has given contestants the opportunity to have their voices heard and create a social impact.

Here is the list of women who made it to the top 7:

  1. Tiara Pennington

She was Miss Alabama. Her talent at the show was operatic vocal.

  1. Monica Thompson

She was Miss Colorado and she performed classical vocal.

  1. Jillian Duffy

She was Miss Connecticut and the 4th runner up. She performed op vocal.

  1. Victoria Hill

Hill was Miss Georgia and the first runner up. She performed operatic vocal.

  1. Simone Ester

Miss Missouri was the 2nd runner up and she performed baton twirling.

  1. Addison Price

Miss Oklahoma was the 3rd runner up. She performed jazz dance on the talent round.

  1. Camille Schrier

Miss Virginia, the winner of Miss America 2020, demonstrated a science experiment.

About Miss America Pageant

Miss America is an annual competition. It is open to women in the USA between the ages of 17 and 25. You might want to sign up for it next year.

It started in 1921 with the bathing beauty revue. Now, the contest is judged on the talent performances of the contestants. Miss America changes its location every 24 to 48 hours. The new winner is crowned by the titleholder of the previous year.


Schrier’s Take on Miss America

Schrier is a lot more than Miss Virginia. She is a Miss Systems Biologist, Miss Biochemist, and soon-to-be Future PharmD. She has plans for pursuing a career in the pharmaceutical industry. Schrier says this win is not just for her but for every person who didn’t have the courage to take a risk. There are lots of girls who want to be scientists and they believe Miss America pageant is not for them. We all have talents and hence, we all can compete in pageants like these.

Schrier performed this experiment wearing a lab coat and that was a vital impression. She had come across people throughout her life who believe science is not a talent. She used this platform to show Miss America can be a scientist and a scientist woman can be Miss America as well. The world really needs to be seen and hear that.


Final Words

Even the audience cheered for her when she performed this experiment on stage. Judge Lauren Ash called her “showmanship of science.”  Women from around the world used social media to appreciate her enthusiasm. After she was crowned, lots of people searched “Camille Schrier” just like they would Google Digital cable providers in my area. Camille has big plans for the future. She even wants to help advance the goals of the Miss America organization.

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