Historical background of Vlone;


Vlone is a worldwide brand which is built in 2011, at Harlem is the city of New York. The fashion of Harlem is at peek point at every time. The Vlone brand does not change the tradition of fashion but it can promot it. This brand take fame on the base of art which means the artisit work hard on products to make them beautifull. The administore of this brand is an american rapper and artist Jabari Shelton. All the members like  ASAP Rockey have the rap and pop ability to run it and make it a succesfull brand.

Velone is most popular among the young boyes and girls because of its style and breathtaking design. The logo of the Vlone brand is commercially successful and all the merches has ‘V’Logo on products. The majority of people love to V logo. The sign of’V’ logo are print on hoodies as well as on shirts. The colour of ‘V’ Logo depend upon the colour of product if the colour of the shirts are black then the logo is in white.

Some of Vlone brands take fame on the basis of ‘friend’ with minus sign print on shirts and hoodies. The vision of minus sign is that nothing is permanent in the world. It means we come alone and also die alone. The minus logo means zero sign. It means that we can say that minus food, minus health and minus money.

The accessories and stuff of Vlone;

The accessories and stuff of Vlone brand is remarkable. The clothes of Vlone brand is comfortable it does not hinder your movement. The appearence of shirts and hoodies eye catching. Most of the items made up with high quality cotton and the cotton allow to passing the air. The fabrics maintain your body temprature and you feel comfort. Mostly the accessories used in cold weather. The Vlone hoodies and Vlone jackets warm your body and protect against cold weather.

Vlone Juice Wrld;

Juice Wrld is an american rapper artist and music producer. The telanted Juice Wrld become most famous because of his fashion and singing. The young boys and girls are big fan of Juice Wrld and follow him by his fashion style. The great singer belive that you work hard in a positive way and one day become successful in life. Vlone Juice Wrld shirts are most famous and beautifull. If we taking about the design ‘Legend never dies’ and the number 999 print on shirts and hoodies. The Vlone Juice Wrld shirts are available in 6 different size and in best fitting. You can choose 10 different colours which totally depends on the occasion.

Vlone jackets;

The Vlone jackets are specially made for cold weather. The material used for jackets is protected from cold weather. Pure leather and polyester is used for Vlone jackets and maintain the jackets for long period. You want to wear it on a daily routine for exercise and also for office work. The Juice Wrld jackets are ready to sale and if you want to buy then visit Vlong merch.

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