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My Hobbies & Personal Interests

Walking, swimming, eating out, pen palling, jewelry, watches, handbags, shoes, female clothes, flowers, scented candles & incense. I like going to boot sales, charity shops & jumble sales. I like documentaries, dramas, Emmerdale & Coronation Street. I have been to Amsterdam, which I stayed in Zee burg I read spiritual books; I also read the weekly newsletter. I have entered a few poetry competitions; I believe we all have a guardian angel; it is up to us to ask for the guardian angel to come into our lives to protect us.


1. Do we appreciate life?

2.The things that we take for granted?

3. Do we say we love people who are in our lives?

4. When did you last say to your partner that you love them?

A Trip Into The Swimming Pool Fully Dressed

A few years ago when I was at a conference at a hotel in Wales. I went out on a break from a meeting to soak my feet at the side of the swimming pool. I removed my high-heels and tights and rolled up my skirt and dipped my feet and ankles into the water as my legs were dangling from a height, as I would have got my skirt wet otherwise. After a while, I got off the ledge and proceeded to put on my tights and high-heels I then went to get my key from the ledge of the swimming pool. I knelt down for my handbag whilst putting my handbag on my shoulder simultaneously I then dropped my room key into the swimming pool.

At the time I thought that it was better to hold onto my handbag whilst reaching down to retrieve my key but I later found out that it was a stupid idea. I realized that I was reaching too far, my gold old-fashioned watch was loose on my wrist and it was starting to get getting wet from reaching into the water too far, I thought I could do it without having to remove either watches. With my other hand, I pushed my watch up my wrist to prevent it from getting wet further. Thinking that I could do all at the same time, wearing high heels and holding onto my handbag whilst leaning over the side of a swimming pool, perhaps isn’t the best thing a woman could do.

I jerked against the side of the pool and then subsequently lost my balance and went straight into the pool with everything on including my shoes, watches & my handbag with all my contents inside my handbag. When I landed in the water I was wearing a heavy skirt and matching short-sleeved blouse, which delayed me moving easier. I had to keep ducking down into the water with my skirt coming up round me my loose blouse was coming up around my bust showing my bra. Then my skirt was getting in my way and delaying my time to get key, which didn’t help matters. When I eventually got my key and thought to myself great, then looked down and could see that some of the contents of my handbag had come out at the bottom of the pool so I had to spend more time under the water to retrieve my items from the bottom of the swimming pool. I eventually got up and started the walk out of the swimming pool slowly keeping my composure wearing my high-heels whilst soaking wet and carrying my sodden handbag heavy and filled with water.

On one wrist I had on another expensive gold Seiko watch about 20-30 years old and on my other wrist, I had the old- fashioned windup antique watch. When I was in the pool I couldn’t remove my blouse because as I was a bit embarrassed about removing my blouse showing my bra and people being around, I wasn’t concerned about women seeing me in my bra. In my handbag, I had several good dressy watches, my makeup, perfume, pens, papers, and money.

When I eventually came out of the swimming pool I found that I was missing a dress ring that had come off in the pool and it was in the deepest part of the pool in the commotion of getting my key and getting out. As I was soaking wet already I decided to jump in again to with my skirt coming around me to recover my ring but minus my high-heels not thinking about removing my watches as they were already wet and I had been in deep water for some time, I couldn’t get my ring, so I get grappling around then eventually I grabbed my ring, but as I was grabbing my ring from bottom of my pool I realized that I had on my gold old-fashioned watch was quiet loose, knocked against the floor of the pool when picking up my ring. When I came out of the swimming pool eventually I was dripping wet with my jewelry and two gold watches showing a woman came in to ask how I was and she asked about my handbag, as I was pulling up the straps of my bra as the woman admired and commented how nice my gold watches were and asked about my watches that they were ok. This was quite funny as I was dripping wet and the water was glistening off them.

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The Big Green Gathering

I went to the big green gathering from 2nd August to 6th August. I had a wonderful time, enjoyed myself to no end, also met some great people & met a soul mate. I was able to be myself wear a bra etc. Wore gypsy skirts most of the time, the place was coming down with people wearing gypsy skirts, shows how popular they are. I lost a gold handbag, a book called the art of happiness, makeup & other items, but I didn’t allow it to dampen my trip.

People were friendly, caring, warm & it was an amazing place to be, I felt that it was earth moving, I didn’t expect to have as much communication with people, as I am often on my own, but to spend time speaking to someone & people, which was good. I also helped this soul mate – a friend on her stall, which I felt that I was doing some good for someone else, rather than taking or not doing, I felt that it was an honor. My wish was to help to run a shop or stall, and my wish came. So I wish to thank the person who allowed my wish. The person will know who they are, as I wish not to disclose the persons name without their consent.

I also learned a lot about me, what I should be doing & not doing. I looked after the woman’s stall by helping someone out, I really enjoyed it, I did it for nothing or self-gain but to help someone, I felt great & better for it, as I was doing something for someone else, rather for myself, which was important to me. I relaxed & enjoyed it. Perhaps I learned something of myself, by doing it, I slowed down. I also felt that I was being appreciated which was more important than money it was important to me when I felt that I had an opportunity to help someone, I am glad that I did it. Thursday at the festival I got my chakra realigned & also a massage.

Friday at the festival I got a tarot & clairvoyant reading also went to the woman’s tent to find out what it is to be a woman in today’s society. Friday I went to a tarot reading & to a clairvoyant, which was interesting. I didn’t get washed for 5 days, just stunk, as the showers were always full due to the level of people. I got a lot of lovely comments about my clothes & handbag. The only drawback was the noise of music & people talking went through the night & early morning, by the time got to sleep, it was the noise of people rising from trying to sleep the night before. I took plenty of digital photos over 120 various photos of the site. Went to the queer dome, the women’s dome & the Yin & Yang dome. I found the charge of cups & plates a bit unusual, once explained it was ok, I guess with people who may walk off with cups & plates they have to keep the cost of plates & cups covered.

There was a heart circle were people sat in a circle & spoke about how they felt about something that was bugging them or something that they wished to get off their chest. I really enjoyed it as it was something different, when we spoke, we spoke just 1 person at a time with a stick, when finished we then would pass the stick to someone else, but we couldn’t speak or interrupt them whilst they were speaking.

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