House Painting: Latest color trends for painting a house in 2020

The color of the house is one of the essentials. The reason is that it reflects the personality of the people living out there. Whenever it is time to repaint the house, there is a confusion about the colors of it. So, we decided to guide you about the trendy colors in 2020 that will match both your lifestyle and personality.San Francisco is a beautiful place, living out there with old-fashioned housing trends won’t be the right thing to do.

Now, if you are living there and want aresidential or Industrial Painting Contractorin San Francisco, CA – you should also know about the paint and the latest colors in trend.In this article, you can know the important things you need to consider before hiring any professional for painting. Consider all the points before renovating your house.

Things you need to know about house painting

Painting a house can be done in two ways. You can hire professional help or just follow DIY tips. DIY only helps if you already have an idea that what are you doing. You must know about health and safety standards before trying DIY house painting. However, other than this, you must know about many things that are as follows:

·         How to hire a professional?

Hiring a professional is itself a task to do. If you don’t know what are the factors that you must consider, then get ready for the mess. Take care of the following things for hiring a professional and avoid inconvenience in the first place:

  • Get a detailed estimate from them
  • Ask for the credentials
  • Understand your needs
  • Make a proper payment plan

·         Factors to consider Paint

The most important thing about painting your house walls is safety and the choice of paints. You need to be careful with the paints you are choosing. It has two common types including latex paint and oil-based paint. You can decide the one according to your needs and choice. Next, plan the paint job. Start the process by cleaning the wall through the peeling of the paint. Later, use the right type of sander and ensure the safety measures while you are on this phase of the process. Some more precautions are as following:

  • Cover the windows, doors or any other hardware in the house.
  • Choose the right equipment.
  • Ensure safety measures.
  • Clean it well by the end.

Above mentioned are the few important things that one must keep in mind before deciding to complete a job. You have to be careful about all the plans to maintain the perfection of the job. Moreover, you need to know about the ongoing trends for this New Year especially if you are trying to upgrade your lifestyle.

Top 5 trendy paint ideasfor a brand new look

Upgrading a lifestyle and keeping the pace of your life with modern and ongoing trends is not easy. You have to come up with your own ideas even if they are to tweak the old ones a bit. This article is about the latest trends for painting a house as you like and demand.

So, ready to explore?

The new outlook of anything requires effort and planning. Similarly, when it comes to paints, you need to explore the latest ideas happening around the world.

Ask any interior designer and they will agree that the color has the power to change the room and transform it completely. Also, it reflects the mood and personality of a person, so it is important in every way.


1.    Warm pastels

Warm and cozy is the priority of many people especially when it is about the paint of the room you are living in. It has the feel of both autumn and spring colors in the texture and feels like a refreshing environment when you enter the room.

2.    Dusty Teals

If you want to give your home a classy look, dusty teals are new. It is the color that fits with rusty, peach and other similar colors. It has a neutral vibe and can also be a perfect choice for office space too. Moreover, this color is the one that you can blend in with other colors to enhance the beauty and style of living or drawing-room.

3.    Organic tones

The 2020 year is shifting from the cool color palette to the organic tones.It is the grayer and blue tones in the color. They are considered more classic and going to the popular ones by the end of 2020. If you are looking for the classic choice of colors, you might want to try organic tones for your house.

4.    Charismatic

Who is not charmedby the charismatic tones? It blends mostly with the yellow shade and offers a joyful vibe. So, the charismatic is the newest trend this year. Inspire your guests with happy vibes and let them enjoy any evening at your home hosted by you.

5.    Back to Nature

Little addition of the greenery gives your mind a refreshing environment. If you will ask a neuroscientist, they say that a person who is close to nature is more creative and innovative than an isolated individual.

So, these are some of the cool ideas for 2020. Now, you can try a new look for your home and get the inspirational makeover this coming season with the amazing choice of colors.

Final thoughts

The most importantthing to consider for house painting is to choose the best contractor for it. Get the details and hire a professional who has new and unique ideas. Remember checking the Painting Services Estimatebefore you finalize anything.

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