How Automotive Robots are utilized in the Vehicle Manufacturing Industry

Today, robots are used in various industries to execute hazardous and repetitive tasks with precision.
As the ongoing evolution in the robotics industry in recent years, the price of automotive robots is low. Further the technology has improved tremendously.
Diverse Applications
Unlike in the past when robotic applications were limited, many industries have adopted them to execute different tasks.
Robots are specially designed to operate in dangerous environments such as the nuclear industry. They can also come in handy in highly corrosive areas.
In the automobile industry, automotive robots are used to lift heavy objects and execute dirty tasks.
For years, robots have been used in the automotive sector and assembly lines to replace employees in executing tedious tasks.
Use of Robots in the Automotive Manufacturing Industry
Industrial and automotive robots have been used in the vehicle manufacturing industry for many years. With the ever-changing technology and the robotics world, the demand for advanced robots is on the increase.
Industrial robots were first used in the automotive industry in 1962. However, it was not until 1982 when they were fully adopted in the automotive industry.
Manufacturers then started using robotics to automate applications in their businesses. Today, the automotive industry remains among the top robot users.
The automobile sector has in the last few years invested heavily in automotive robots across the globe. Reports show that new robot installations in 2013 were approximately 70,000.
Automobile production in 2014 was approximately 90 million units, a clear indication that automotive robots helped enhance productivity.
This figure is not only encouraging to the manufacturers, but it also demonstrates the importance of automotive robots. In the future, and with the increasing automobile demand, robotic installations are bound to increase.
Use of Robots in the Automobile Industry
Automobile production is fast becoming overly complicated which wasn’t the case in the past. Today, manufacturers are using robots to execute a huge percentage of the tasks to guarantee precision.
Robots also come in handy to speed up the completion of tasks to meet customer demands. Often, automotive robots are used for moving and lifting objects, painting, and welding.
Robotic Movers
Automotive robots come in handy to move parts in the assembly line. Further, they help lift overly heavy objects. These gadgets are powered by a hydraulic pump and are designed to outperform human workers.
By taking over all the lifting tasks, automotive robots save human workers from muscle strains and injuries that can be caused by heavy lifting. Execution of some tasks today is possible thanks to robots.
Welding Robot
An automotive robotic welder plays a critical role in the manufacturing process. When used correctly, this gadget applies the ideal weld and executes the task within a short time.
Robots execute welding tasks faster than humans would. There are two welding types used in the automobile sector. These are:
• Arc welding and
• Spot welding
Arc welding is more common due to its efficiency when it comes to the application of weld on metal. It relies on an electrical power supply to develop an electrical arc between the welder and the material being welded.
Arc welding usually melts the two metals being connected and is used in areas that can encounter massive pressure.
On the other hand, spot welding is a type of resistance welding that is utilized to connect different metal sheets.
Robot Spray Painters
Robot spray painters ease the process of spraying vehicles. Automotive robots are designed to execute spray painting tasks in an exceptional and precise manner.
Human workers are unable to execute these tasks with the same speed and precision. These units are specially programmed to spray a particular amount each second to avoid paint runs.
Apart from spraying more cars than humans, robots protect workers from inhaling toxic fumes in the paint.
Automotive robots create a safe working environment for workers in the industry. Remember, the industry is evolving and will continue experiencing various innovations in the future. If you are an entrepreneur in the automotive industry, adopting these gadgets is all you need to improve safety and productivity.

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