How Customization of SugarCRM Can Be Favourable For Your Business?


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Every successful business that is standing in the market today is unique, and it is only because they adopt different strategies, ideas, planning, techniques meeting the customer’s changing requirements and keeping pace with current technology. Now businesses use modern tools, software to help escalate their business. Benefits of Magento eCommerce, Salesforce and SugarCRM are an example. SugarCRM help business delivers high ROI, fast results and improve customer engagement. As a commercial open-source software, it reduces the operation cost making it one of the most popular and preferred business tools. To cater to specific business needs, the tool can be customized to get the insights that are more meaningful for your business.


What Is SugarCRM?

However, for customizing and using it efficiently, one needs training.  Professionals can learn from online video tutorials; students seeking a career in the IT industry can take certification training. Many websites offer free content to download, preparing you for ready to use an efficient and excellent tool. As the SugarCRM is open-source, it gives the flexibility to edit code and make it your own. To let users know its features, the SugarCRM provides free trial before buying. Users can practice on the demo version and then buy SugarCRM at discounted prices. The tool has received lots of positive reviews that makes it the first choice of businesses. The added factor of SugarCRM is its flexibility, ease of integration with extensions, API and customization. The software has tools that assist you in customization and make it ready for your business. SugarCRM Customization Includes:

  • Custom fields
  • Custom modules and layouts
  • Editing the code (Open Source)
  • Adding third-party extensions

Preparing SugarCRM for Your Business

The extra flexibility of SugarCRM enables us to evolve the CRM as per business needs and effectively solve the coming challenges. 

Customized Dashboard

As no business is the same, every content user looks for a personalized dashboard that caters to their needs. SugarCRM gives the flexibility to customize dashboards as per the roles. For a salesperson, it will show the targets meet and those yet to be acquired. For TL’s it will show the reports and task completion stats of team members, project managers can customize the dashboard to look at the overall progress of all the departments in the project. 

Customize Fields, Relationships

SugarCRM has sufficient fields to save information about a specific product. But sometimes, administrators need to add more detail, SugarCRM gives freedom to add or eliminate fields, layouts, and relationships with drag and drop option without writing a single line of code. Moreover, users can customize fields with auto-populate and custom-check features, reducing time and increasing productivity.

Automate Processes

Usually, a project gets stuck when the members are not notified at the correct time. But the SugarCRM provides the functionality to customize workflows when an event triggered in the project cycle. It develops a pipeline of approvals and methodology that helps users receive notification and approval checks as soon as the task finishes like sending emails to concerned authorities automatically when a status is changed. It streamlines the business processes making the workforce, efficient and smarter.

Filter Customization

As a smart CRM tool, SugarCRM gives you the best results from data collected, but sometimes you may need to get specific details of a project at a particular time, and that’s where filters come to use. The SugarCRM has an advanced architecture that gives the option to create as many filters as you want. So, you can refine results and get detailed information about a scenario by applying customized filters.

Theme customization and report customization are also supported by SugarCRM to give you the ease of use and receive dynamic custom reports relevant for your business. When a SugarCRM is customized to an individual’s needs, it increases productivity and keeps the business flow in an organized manner. It improves the retention rate and enhances sales & marketing activity. Giving administrators full-control, SugarCRM proves to be the best business tool that exceeds the Salesforce Einstein Analytics benefits. With its advanced module builder and studio, it supports rapid application development making it the best commercial software for businesses.

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