How Do You Ensure Quality When You Order PCBs?

There are many PCB manufacturing companies in China and among them, you would find both reliable companies and not so reliable manufacturers. It is your responsibility to ensure quality when ordering your PCBs. The printed circuit board is the nervous system of any electronic equipment and if this important component of your electronic equipment is not going to be of exceptional quality, you are going to run into issues. The overall quality of your electronic equipment will be compromised just because of the quality of the PCB that you use. What should you do to make sure that the overall quality of your PCB is good?

Look for the most experienced PCB fabrication company to get your orders processed. Why is it important to select the most experienced company to get your orders processed? When you have an experienced PCB manufacturer, they will be able to understand your requirements easily. An experienced manufacturer will have issues understanding complex PCB requirements. Only when the manufacturer is capable of understanding the requirements, they will be able to deliver the best quality PCBs or else there would be deviations from your actual requirements.

An experienced manufacturer would have already handled PCB requirements of similar complexities. Therefore, it would be easy for them to meet your needs. Everything else being equal, if you were to select between someone with vast experience and someone that is new to the industry, you should always approach an experienced company for your ongoing PCB manufacturing needs.

Secondly, you should select a company that has its own manufacturing facility. If the PCB supplier does not have their own manufacturing facility, they will have very little control over the quality of the products that they deliver. Your supplier would be at the mercy of the manufacturer from where they get your PCBs manufactured. So when you are trying to outsource your PCB manufacturing needs to China, make sure that you are dealing with a manufacturer directly and not with some intermediaries.

Thirdly, before you go for the mass production of PCBs go for a smaller sample runs. This will help you get a real picture of the overall quality that you could get from your manufacturer. Do not skip this step if you do not want to end up with faulty or inferior quality PCBs. Remember it is your reputation that is at stake and the reliability of your product would be jeopardized when you try to speed up the process by skipping the sample run.

When it comes to PCB assembly, make sure that your manufacturer makes use of the best components. They should source good quality component from reliable suppliers. When the quality of the PCB is good but if the quality of the components used in the assembly is poor then you could easily be having issues with your product. It is up to you to find the most reliable suppliers of PCBs in the industry and safeguard your own reputation.

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