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How does a working mom feel when she first quit her job?

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Is there a way to earn credibility and money even as a mother? That precisely revolves around every mom and mom to be when a situation arises to quit a job to move forward in life with a kid. But, that is not the end of the road and as always said there is a light after the tunnel. I did it and wishing all my readers good luck to take inspiration from my story to begin your journey as a mom alongside making money as well. Most of the women feel proud about making money not only for want of an income but that makes her feel great about her contribution to the family and being independent herself.

Let’s go deep inside to understand how I went about doing it. I felt excited when started feeling my baby moving in my womb. But my happiness lasted for few days as I realized that there are a few health-related issues that demanded me to take a break from my career. Still, that did not bother me at that time as I was feeling glad about my motherhood and enjoyed every moment during my pregnancy. I took care of my baby so well to deliver a princess to add glitter to my life.

It gave immense pleasure to see her development every day, and I almost forgot that I quit the job. As time moved on my little one grew up to a six-month-old baby still keeping me engaged and cheerful. Slowly I started feeling a pinch about my career and the break I have taken for more than a year. It was hard to decide to leave the baby to a nanny and equally painful to think about not working. That is when I looked for options to work from home. Yes, as others have various choices, even I did find several opportunities to earn money including online tutoring, selling things online, becoming a web designer, and much more.

Do you know what I did? Keep guessing…

Let me break the ice, and this is what happened. I battled initially to make my mind to work from home. Did think about is it okay to stay at home all time. Finally made up the mind and firmly decided to feel the presence of my kid around me and decided to start on my own. I was not sure about how to go about it. I looked at my strengths, my want, etc. and then started my expedition.

Yes started fishing for freelance writing jobs. Like most of the writers, I burnt my hands too. Worked for every assignment and delivered on time. Few contractors paid and few did not bother to. I did not lose my hopes.

I gave it a thought and decided to use my writing skills useful as well work with reputed players. I strategized my move in the following ways to become successful.

Inspire my five approaches to start and grow on your own, yes from home. You need not get into writing business alone, but these strategies hold good for any entrepreneur. My suggestions drafted for you to reach your goal as a mom and continue working with all freedom.

#1 Step Market Research

Nice to dream but best to do the homework. Yes, make sure you understand the market trends including customer base, competitors, and cost. Client support research helps to enhance your skills in that niche. Knowing your competitors will enable to swim against the tides and firmly stand on a long run. Cost factor analysis dramatically influences your decision about an investment, return, and profit. Carry out research using all possible sources such as expert advice, study magazines, journals, and the internet.

#2 Step Goal Setting

Once you know the market, define your objectives. Go step by step and don’t overboard. Set short-term goals and keep moving forward. Ask yourself the following questions before placing your targets. 
• What do you want to achieve? 
• When do you want to succeed? 
• Whom you consider to join you the journey? 
• How do you want to expand your business? 
• What investment plans to have? 
• How do you differ from your competitors?

#3 Step – Identify the Resources

Decide on how many people you want to add and at what stages. First, hire freelancers or interns and start making money. Once you cross the break, even you can hire full-time associates. Look for office space. Initially, rent an area, and then consider leasing a place. Purchase necessary hardware and software for your business. Comply with tax requirement.

#4 Step – Promote Your Business

Now you know the market, and you have the resources. It’s time to identify customers. Only promoting your business can fetch you, customers. Start marketing your business across all channels. Give advertisement in local papers, use your network for word of mouth references. Be more professional by hosting a website. Write contents to your site by understanding the search engine optimization rules. Come on top of the search engines. Use Social media marketing to gain traffic via social media sites.

#5 Step – Focus on Delivery

All your efforts have resulted in success. You have started getting clients. Officially sign an agreement with them. Deliver as per the deadline. Make that first impression. First, few customers will become your brand ambassador. Never classify clients based on the cost but their consistency, connectivity, and clarity in offering job.

And that’s it. Five initial steps that will keep the ball rolling. Just don’t read this article instead get inspired to implement and become a successful entrepreneur.

I am successful and wishing you good luck with your voyage too.

Now, I can hear your concerns and questions. Yes coming to address them one at a time. First, you want to know how did I feel in the first instance when I got ditched for payment. Trust me; it did not put me down as money is part of life, but I learned the art of writing. Next, you wanted to know how I found the right player. Simple, looked at reviews on the forum to filter the genuine ones. But, not all best people offer you work. Then what did I do to manage? I started approaching business that can provide me a consistent job and offered them some discount on my services. In fact, I was ready to deliver articles to be posted on their site just at no cost. This earned me credibility and will anyone refuse to pay even after we showcase our talent? It worked, and that’s where my journey was all set in motion

At the other side, I enjoyed my free time with my kid. I felt happy to hear her always still did not lose my career focus. Also, I was able to spend time with her and managed to work at my own pace. There was no compulsion as I did not report to anyone. My joy knew no bounds.

Going back to the days when I felt terrible about quitting my job. Almost that haunting thoughts never came back again. I did not miss any fun a corporate employee had. With all my business contacts in social media, I identified my coffee break friends. I never felt alone, and indeed we manage to meet once in a year with family for an outing as well. What more do you require? I am a proud mom and a writer too.

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