How Product Packaging Makes Customers Remember Your Brand

One of the most challenging issues for online businesses is getting directly in contact with their customers. How does packaging play into the mix?

OK, what if, right now, you are missing some major components to sell? You don’t have a store where you can greet and entice them with your gorgeous decor, well-organized showpieces, friendly and knowledgeable personnel, and all-around personal help.

This kind of setup frequently results in less loyal brand patronage.

Start with Your Brand Experience

One of the most excellent methods to solve this problem is to designate particular stages to improve the product experience for your customers when they receive their order.

How do you go about doing this? You accomplish this by selecting the most efficient and effective packaging solutions.

What You Need to Consider for Efficient Packaging

A great-looking product that is packaged professionally leaves a lasting impression on the customer, and this is where your company’s focus should be. It is critical to understand the fundamentals of efficient packaging solutions.

Proper product packaging keeps products safe during shipping and serves to create a lasting impression of confidence and trust in the brand among customers.

Below are some fundamentals that you understand before packaging your products.

●      Type of the product

With each different product, there are different packaging needs. Let me give this example: the packaging requirements for electronics vary from those of food items as well as those of beauty products, and so on.

●      Nature of product

The nature of the product you are preparing to deliver is vital in determining the type of packaging that will fulfill your needs. The product’s perishability, rigidity, etc., should not be ignored when choosing the packaging material.

●      Size of product

Another consideration that helps you decide the type of packaging is the size of the product. You should have perfect knowledge of the size to avoid ending up with smaller or bigger packaging material.

Best Packaging Strategies That Will Enhance The Customers’ Product Experience

There are several strategies that you can employ to get in touch with your customers. Let’s now discuss a few of them below.

1. Try cardboard boxes as primary or secondary packaging.

Cardboard boxes are traditionally the most popular in product packaging and shipping. Since there is only one chance to create an excellent first impression, choose an excellent-looking box that exudes creativity and perfectly serves its purpose.

Although the typical sturdy brown box did an excellent job securing goods, it is crucial to make packaging decisions based on the nature, type, and size of the products to be transported. There is no need for overspending on your packing requirements; equally, there is a considerable risk of harm if you forgo the necessary precautions. Always ensure that the item is secure from the manufacturer to the consumer.

2. Use various packaging fillers.

During transportation by air, road, or sea, items may move, tumble, or shift, making them more prone to damage. Fillers are meant to keep them safe and secure inside the packaging. Some of the most common fillers you may consider using are air pillows, foam inserts, Styrofoam peanuts, and bubble wraps.

Other than protecting the product, you can make the ‘unboxing’ experience more memorable by using beautiful, colored branded tissue filler. According to experts, colors have an impact on how we feel and perceive things. Therefore, it is wise to conduct extensive research on the emotions triggered by the colors you intend to use.

3. Get the size of the packaging right.

“How so?” you may ask. The size of the package matters a lot. A large box is unsafe for items because they will keep moving and toppling during shipping, which could result in damage. Choosing a tight-fitting package, on the other hand, guarantees the safety of the product and reduces the size of the package, thereby conserving space.

4. Choose the ideal shape of the packaging.

There is a reason why hats come in square or rectangular boxes. They are small enough to fit into small locations and reach every nook and cranny of a storage area without taking up too much valuable space. When you transport products, you pay for their weight and the space they take up. Choosing oval, round, or other shaped packaging solutions, such as cases, trunks, boxes, and so on, will merely waste valuable space.


If yours is a small business whose aim is to create an impact in the industry or an existing business targeting a more extensive customer base, focus on creating a great branded product experience for your customers.

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