How to be more efficient and organized at work

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How To Increased Productivity

Use Time Tracker 

Until now, you have been roughly estimating how long it would take you to complete a certain task and chances are that you happened to be wrong most of the time. That just means that you have not been calculating it right which is all the more reason for you to utilize several online tracker apps. You can use these time trackers to manage your time more efficiently and to gauge accurately as to how long it takes you to complete a certain task. You can then utilize this information to streamline your work and become more productive as well.


Take Regular Breaks 

For starters, sitting for hours in the end, staring at your desktop/laptop is not healthy, which is all the more reason that you should opt to take regular breaks. But the other reason that you may want to take a short break for a few minutes each hour, is that it would allow you to focus and concentrate on your key tasks better. And with enhanced focus and concentration, you should become more productive as well.


Short Tasks 

If you have short tasks, then you may want to focus on those and get them completed, as per specs and on schedule. The point being is this, large tasks take more time and if you have smaller tasks, it makes sense to wrap up those first rather than putting them off till later. By completing the shorter tasks first, you should be able to develop more confidence and your productivity should go up as well.



One of the reasons that several companies often do not perform as well as expected is on account of the various official meetings, among several other factors. But the fact remains that most official meetings rarely end up getting anything done. So before you call in for an official meeting, you may want to consider the need for one and make a determination as to whether one is required at all.



You may want to quit multitasking when at work and while that may sound counter-intuitive, the fact remains that multitasking often leads to a loss in focus, concentration and therefore productivity. So, if you are exploring ways to become more productive, then you may want to quit handling several tasks at the same time.



One more way for you to become more productive is to see if you can handle some work as you commute to or from work. Of course, this suggestion is based on the premise that your company organization enables you to work remotely and if that happens to be the case, then there is no reason that you should not carry on working as you commute. This should definitely lead to an uptick in your productivity as well.


Take Short Walks

You may also want to take short walks or do some exercise reps; the adrenaline rush should sharpen your focus and concentration and enable you to get more done at work. These are some of the tips that you can use to become more productive at work. Just remember that you may want to avoid stressing overwork too much and that your health is equally, if not more important.

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