How to Choose a Kilimanjaro Guide Company

It’s a trip which requires an investment in preparation, time and money and should be carefully
evaluated. Since it’s mandatory to choose a Kilimanjaro Guide to climb Mount Kilimanjaro,
selecting the right tour company for your trek will be the most important decision you make. It
can mean the difference between an uncomfortable journey with a failed attempt or an amazing
experience with a victorious summit.

Tanzania is a part of the world you are probably unfamiliar with and Kilimanjaro may be the
highest peak you will ever climb. Uncertainty and the unknown can be put to rest by selecting
the right guide company for you, your situation and your budget. Having the right Kilimanjaro
Guide company to assist with your journey will be the largest factor in an enjoyable and
successful climb. Unfortunately if it’s a trip that is organized by irresponsible and incompetent
Kilimanjaro tour operator, it can be life threatening.

Because just about any local Tanzanian can gain access and register to become a guide on
Climbing Kilimanjaro , this has lead to literally hundreds of tour operators on the mountain today.
There are only a small fraction that you should trust with your Kili climb and more importantly
your life.
When selecting a Kilimanjaro Guide start by following these simple recommendations:
Safety certainly is the most important issue, but it’s not the only one.Your chances to reach the
summit depends upon your guide company more than on anything else. Yes, your operator can
be more important to your health and success than your fitness level! The number one factor of
sickness is NOT altitudes on Kilimanjaro; it’s from improper diet from cheap nutrition the week
on the mountain prior to your summit attempt. Sickness before the summit attempt is the largest
deterrent for being ill prepared prior the summit bid.
The main question you must ask is: Do I want to Climbing Kilimanjaro , or do I want to reach the
summit AND return safely? If one is enticed by a cheap tour operation due to price and if during
the trip the poor equipment, unsanitary food, unsanitary toilet facilities, etc cause you to become
ill resulting in a failed summit, it’s not money saved, its money completely wasted! Of course
low budget operators have a success rate of around 60% and this may be for right for you. If this
is, I would recommend booking directly when you arrive in Tanzania. You can find several one
man guide companies that will be willing to take you on a budget climb at a moment’s notice.
The internet is littered with budget operators that run no frills and no safety climbs. Overpriced
operators will certainly take care of you and you will receive great service-at a price. If price is
no concern, I would recommend these operators as they have high levels of success, safety, and
There are also levels of safety, summit success and comfort that won’t cost you an arm and a leg.
You won’t find them at the low budget level, but you can find them somewhere in the middle.
A simple question to ask is are they open and transparent to their guides, safety equipment, group
gear, menus, etc? Can you speak with someone today? Are they a real company or an internet
shell company posing a front for a operator?
Tour operators with knowledge of the mountain and their staff will always indicate their safety
and summit success rates. If tour operators don’t state this, the best way to truly find this out is to
speak with the tour company as well as contact references. This is a company that you are
spending a better part of a week on the mountain and possibly safari and you will want to make
sure that you are absolutely confident in those who operate the company.
Ask questions and trust your instincts. Go with who you feel comfortable with. If your instinct is
leaning one way and away from the other, it’s probably correct.
What first may seem to be an overwhelming choice of Kilimanjaro operators will soon be a clear
and easy decision. Best of luck and enjoy this adventure of a lifetime!

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