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How to Configure Comcast Email to Outlook?

How to Configure Comcast Email to Outlook?

Technology has succeeded in many ways where you can touch, go to the moon, and even have satellites revolve in space and give us the required information.

When it comes to emails, we have the best email service providers worldwide, i.e., yahoo, Comcast, etc.

Such platforms/ websites allow people to make their email accounts and have endless conversations among people, which ultimately provides them a personal space to share.

We’ll be discussing one of the best cable service providers in the United States. It is a brand itself known as Comcast, and you can visit its website, i.e.,, and access your account by your email login id and password. Further, Xfinity became the best substitute for Comcast as, according to the company’s blog, Xfinity would take over the brand name of Comcast, which has been there for years.

Issues faced by Users

Sometimes users face issues while logging in, i.e., email login issue 0r unable to access your account. Then, in that case, you should further check the Comcast mail server settings, and even after it does not do any good to you or is of no help, go to the Xfinity connect and enter your correct id credentials.

People get Xfinity email problems too.

Setting up Comcast email in outlook.

To set up your account, you need to configure IMAP and SMTP settings first

  • Settings for your incoming server IMAP


       Security: SSL/TLS

       Username: Your full email address

       Password: Your password


  • Outgoing Server – SMTP


     Security: SSL/TLS

     Username: Your full email address

     Password: Your password


If you require your Comcast email to work with your outlook/Microsoft outlook users, you need to follow a few fast and simple steps. Hence, we would not face any hurdle as we are known to the facts of outlook.

The first command for setting up Comcast mail on outlook is:

  • To open outlook and click the file menu.
  • Click add account
  • select manual setup and click next
  • select IMAP or POP3 and click next
  • fill out your full name and email address
  • and if you want to know the server information, then select IMAP
  • Next, to log on information, fill out your username and password.
  • Check whether you have entered the correct email id and password; if yes, then it is not an issue, but if not, you have to recover the id or password.
  • Then enable your outgoing server (SMTP) in your Comcast SMTP settings and use the same settings in your incoming server.
  • Click 0k then next when finished.

Now you can log in to your Xfinity Email account.


For Android Users provides IMAP access to your account so that you can visit your account on mobile devices and desktop users. Many people complain about the non-fixing of email during login.

  • If you know your Xfinity email credentials, you’re in business. Entering your full username and password would help you recover your Xfinity mail id by opening the Xfinity connect app on your mobile device.
  • But if you don’t know the password, you must select the option “forget password” and fill in the new password to get a “temporary password” at your registered mobile number. Then you can easily access your account and sync the information.
  • Next, if the “you are not a customer” screen pops up on your device, but you’re a customer, you must contact the Xfinity mobile specialist.

For iPhone Users 

I would suggest a solution to make your Comcast email login easily done. Then you need to set up a password for two places, i.e., incoming and outgoing server.

  • Firstly, go to the settings and scroll down to contacts, email, and select account.
  • Then on the next screen, tap on the account again.
  • Scroll down the SMTP server and tap again.
  • Then the next screen will pop up, showing you to change the password.
  • After changing the same, tap “Done” option on the upper right-hand corner of the screen.

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