How to Create An App for Android?

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Creating an App for Android

With 2.7 billion Smartphone users, the smart phone industry is thriving. More than 90% of the time of the people is spent on any of the mobile apps when they are using their mobile phones. In 2018, there were more than 194 billion apps in the Google play store.

With such importance of mobile apps among the people all the business owners are now looking for building mobile applications.

It might be any sectors like retail, information, entertainment, etc. The role of the mobile application is undeniable.

Are you one of the business owners who are willing to design an app for your business?

Are you focusing more on android mobile apps?

Here are some steps you need to follow to bring out the best android mobile application. Have a look at it and start working on the app creation!

Steps to Create An Android Mobile App

  1. Form the team

When you need to design the android mobile application, you can go for the in-house team or hire a third-party agency. As the third option, you can also have an app from the play store that will help in creating the mobile application. There are various DIY App Builders available in market to make your app in minutes. Though, customization of your mobile app is not possible with these app builders. Hence, when you are ready with the team, you need to discuss with them and analyze the needs of the app.

Build a business relationship with them and this will help in clear communication and understanding between. Make sure the team is well qualified and strong with the coding and overall process of the android mobile development.

  1. Define the app

When you are ready with your team, you need to form certain things about the app. You need to know the purpose of the app, who are the targeted audience, what features will be offered for the customers, etc. When you tell your needs, the professionals in the team will give you some suggestions and this will help in progressing to the beginning of the practical app designing.

Along with these, you can also plan on the features of the app. Remember that you need to do what is really needed and what can be ignored. When you are incorporating all the features in the app, it might not be a user-friendly one for the new users. When you are ready with these processes, the team can start working on the app and they can prepare it.

  1. Focus on UI/UX

After defining your app, you can move to app mockup preparing plan. You can sketch it as shown in below.

You must pay more attention to the visual appeal of the mobile app and also focus on the graphic effects like images, animation, and all screens’ designs. You can also get some graphic design template services. Here, it is essential that your mobile app should be professional and it should be attracting the attention of your target audience as well. For details UI/UK guide click here.

For example, Canva is one of the popular online tool to make graphics. If you are running out of ideas, you can also see some free mobile app templates.

  1. Test the app

When you need the app to be successful in the market, it is necessary to be successful in the resting process. You will have some expectation or outcome of the app.

Test the app and make sure it is good in all the aspects. You can also ask some others who are not in the team to handle the app. So, this will help you to find the right feedback on how it is efficient or what has to be changed in the app.

App Testing Tools

There are many tools in market for app testing. Some of them are as below:

1) Selenium

2) Watir

3) Capybara

  1. Have a marketing campaign

As there are millions of apps in the Google play store, you are just a drop in the ocean. So, when you need to strike on the eyes of the targeted customers, you should create some curiosity. This will make people think about what the app is and how it will work.

Further, people will wait to download the app from the Google play store. Allocate some budget for the marketing campaign and handle it in the right way.

  1. Launch the app

When the app is ready and when your audience is waiting with curiosity to handle the app, it is now the high time and you can launch the app. you should have a strong team to follow the feedback and the reviews given by the users when they are using the app. You can employ several ways to monitor certain details to know who is downloading the app, their experience over the app, etc.

  1. Upgrade the app

When you are following the performance of the app in the market, it will give you more ideas on how it can be improved and what are the changes that the people are expecting over the app.  Based on this factor, you can discuss with the team and work for upgrading the app.

You can further notify the audience on the available update on the app and encourage them to download them. You should reply to all the responses both positive and negative, to gain a positive opinion from the people. So, the app will take your business to the targeted audience and help in achieving the goal or purpose of it.

The Bottom Line – How to create an app for android?

Thus, you might have got some idea of the process of developing the android mobile application. Are you not excited to develop such an app and move forward a step towards your audience? It is now the right time to do it! Follow the given steps and start building such an efficient app now. Want an app expert to develop your app? Contact a reputed and trusted one.

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