How to cure dry skin on face overnight

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Dry skin care is essential not only in winters but throughout the year. With the market exploding with a plethora of beauty products, finding the right dry skin remedy can be a challenge. Television commercials flaunting models with flawless skin claim to offer the best dry skin care treatments. However, hydrating is the basic dry skin remedy to avoid skin irritation and other allergies attributed to ignoring dry skin. There are times when we fail to understand the reasons for loss of moisture from the skin. A common myth amongst many is that dry skin is normally an imbalance that occurs only during winters. The causes of such a skin insufficiency are many. First and foremost, it is important to analyze the reasons that lead to deficit of skin moisture.

Dry skin is itchy, irritable, flaky, redness, patches and sore on the upper-most layer of the skin known as the epidermis. It is the result of oil glands failing to exude ample oil to protect the skin and keep it hydrated. Stressful lifestyle that leaves no room for skin care can lead to dry skin. Each day we may ignore a crucial fact; the hard soaps and cleansers soak the moisture from the skin while trying to deep-clean it. Hard brushes that claim to remove the dead cells off the skin actually result in robbing the body of essential oils that are otherwise naturally secreted to protect the skin. Cleaning the skin roughly with a hard towel after a bath can further dehydrate the skin. Another main reason for deficiency of moisture from the skin is the temptation of junk foods and other tinned food that is easily cooked within minutes without long laborious hours in the kitchen.

Demanding lifestyles leave little space to keep the nutritional factors of meals in mind. Greasy and cheesy food not only adds to the percentage of fat and carbohydrate intake but also do not provide sufficient water content. Water intake is replaced by increased consumption of tea, coffee or other aerated drinks that dehydrate the skin. These factors add up to leave the skin with little moisture. Another common reason for flaky skin is the usage of too many astringents that soak the moisture from the skin leaving chapped face or hands. Some lotions that contain alcohol are so harsh on the skin that they can deprive sebum, the natural moisturizing agent from the skin. Many fitness centers offer sauna and steam baths that are rejuvenating. Indeed these are refreshing but the flip side is that the excessive sweating during such sessions leave the skin drier and in dire need of being hydrated with a realizable dry skin care product. During winters overheated houses rob the moisture from the air, hence leaving the skin excessively dry.
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Taking care of dry skin should be immediate and effective to avoid serious skin troubles such as dermatitis, peeling, eczema and others. Often dry skin is the dead skin that builds up due to blocked pores. A brush with soft and durable bristles used regularly can gently exfoliate dead skin leaving unclogged pores that can breathe the natural moisture from the air. Using a mild soap or gentle hand soaps is strongly recommended for parched skin. Soaps and cleaners that leave a fresh and revitalized feel on the skin are ideal for use through the year. After a bath, using a reliable year-round moisturizer with natural composition can further hydrate the skin to leave it soft, supple and nourished. Ensure that the skin lotion is non-greasy so that it does not attract dust to clog the pores again. The base of a reliable skin lotion should be non-alcoholic to protect the skin. Natural and age-old components are still the most trusted elements for hydrating the skin.

Natural ingredients in these lotions cure the skin of itchiness and flakiness while alcohol-based lotions aggravate such problems. In addition, such lotions also prevent further water loss from the skin. The soothing effect of such lotions returns the child-like softness of the skin and helps it withstand extreme heat or cold. To restore supple hands, do not expose them to harsh detergents during dish or clothes washing. Wearing gloves can help protect the hands during household chores that can be followed by cleansing and proper moisturizing with trustworthy skin lotions and creams. In case of skin rashes or irritability see a dermatologist and avoid using any lotions or soaps on the affected area. Healthy diet leads to healthy skin. A diet that is nutritionally balanced and contains sufficient water content results in glowing skin. Reinstating coffee or tea consumption with plentiful of water and natural juices intake will have evident results on the skin. Regular exercises and physical activity saves the body from stress and thence drying. Expensive dry skin treatments are not mandatory for soft and healthy skin that glows. Choosing the right products and regular care are enough for rejuvenated skin that leaves all in awe.

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