How to delete a post on facebook

Do you intend to use your Facebook profile for business? The first thing to do is to put your websites on your Facebook profile (in this article we are talking about a personal page, not a fan page). This not only makes it easier for friends and future friends to know more about you, but also helps your site get links from top government sites like Facebook. The rewards are even stronger if you put the Facebook logo on your website.

But there is a trick to showing your websites on the wall, which many still don’t understand.

On our wall, on the left, there is a box under the picture and a short paragraph about you called “Information”. This box shows all your networks, connection status, date of birth and hometown.

Also, here are your websites.

However, in order to display any of this information, you need to ask Facebook to check the box next to “Birthday”, “Website” or other items.

But – and the trick is – before Facebook gives you a check box, you must first add information to these areas on your information page.

Here are the steps.

– Click on the Information tab on your profile page.

– Scroll down to the contact information and click on the pencil that says Edit in the top right corner.

– Go to the “Website” box as you wish – click “http: //” to activate the link.

– Now go back to your main profile page, click on the pencil in the upper right corner of the info box in the left column and check the box next to “Website”

Most people connect with Facebook for a variety of reasons. I think this is a great platform, but if I can’t do what’s going on there, I’ll stop going there. Reasons why I stay on Facebook.

Reason 1 Printing and teaching

I don’t have many friends who post on Facebook. I write a lot of articles, write the best articles, and post them on Facebook so that others I know can read. I like the Facebook format because I get a lot of feedback about what I write. This is good because the comment can be read by others.

Reason 2 What do you think of the words in my box?

Facebook can comment as you like and people can comment like Twitter. I use this comment box in-depth. I also want to see sermons and comments in this box.

Reason 3 I get more ideas from the article base on Facebook.

Getting ideas as a writer is very rewarding. While the article database does not allow people to write enough comments, Facebook is becoming a popular chat site. People who commented on my post may be related in the comment section of the article. It’s like a forum.

Reason 4: I talk to my loved ones 24 hours a day.

You may not know who is connected to the database at the same time, but when you are online you can see who is online and you can communicate with them. This is a great feature, and there is a lot to talk about with this feature.

Reason 5 This is the place to meet people.

Facebook is a great place to get ideas about your articles, ideas and what someone has written about you. If you are not on Facebook, you are invited to join.

Facebook is the 12th largest website on the Internet with nearly 300 million active users. Wise marketers around the world use Facebook every day to create exposure for their businesses and create long-lasting relationships that turn into sales. Is your company involved in this online strategy? Outsourcing your social media debts can boost your brand for free.

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