How to design a product sell sheet in a nice way?

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Marketing is one of the basic investments made in a newly established business. It is the

base of a well-running business and for a business to gain recognition. With the emerging

businesses around the world, new and modified marketing techniques are being introduced

each day. These techniques have been successful in promoting businesses at different

levels. It may vary from business to business which technique would be most suitable for its

promotion. One of these marketing techniques is known as ’product sell sheets’.

What is a product sell sheet?

A product sell sheet is simply a piece of paper that advertises the product a business is

selling or a service it is providing. They are almost the same as brochures but it can be said

that they are a modern version of these conventional brochures. While brochures are more

detailed and lengthy in comparison to these sheets, they are brief and only consist of one

page. Brochures are now being considering as boring. Customers prefer the brief product

sell sheets that advertise the products and services concisely. Product sell sheets are only a

page long, take much less time to be read, and do not get boring.

Product sell sheets are not new in the market. They have been used by businesses for a long

period time.Advancements are made all the time with marketing teams introducing and

incorporating new ideas in product sell sheet design.

Generally, these sheets are sent in emails to companies that might be interested or handed

out at meetings where prospective customers are present. The function of a product sell

sheet is directly linked to making an impression. This piece of paper is most likely to make

the first impression of a business. They acquaint people with the existence and nature of a

business. This is why marketing teams need to pay a lot of attention to the product sell

sheet design. It is best if they focus on only one of the business’ product or service in a

single sheet.


What is the link between prosperity of a business and product sell


It can be said that the accuracy and construction of a business product sell sheet is directly

proportional to its prosperity. This means that the better the product sell sheet design, the

greater the prosperity of the business. The biggest outcome that a business can get from

this marketing technique is finding a potential customer. A customer interested in doing

long term can be found.

The product sell sheet should be able to convey the message in the same way that the

business owner would do. It should be able to answer the questions and mention all the


details that could interest the customer. This will most likely compel the reader to give the

product or service a chance. Ultimately, if the product or service proves to be as promised,

the business will gain a good reputation and a long term relationship with the customer will

be developed.

Also, these sheets help the customer to consider whether they want to do business with

that particular seller based on the nature of the business. These sheets, as publicising tools,

can help more people find the business and reach out to it because recognition is always the

first step for a business to gain customers. As highlighted before, the product sell sheets

make first impressions. First impressions build the reputation of a business. This means that

product sell sheets indirectly build the reputation of a business provided that it has

succeeded in producing impressive sell sheets.

What will the best product sell sheet contain?

The contents of these sales sheet depend on the nature of the business. The tone and style

varies from product to product and service to service. There are numerous ideas for every

type of business out there and many ideas can also be generated. However, there is a

general formula that should be kept in mind and a fixed set of rules that apply in all cases

independent of what the business is selling. The general features that should be included in

every product sell sheets are mentioned below.

  1. The headline:

The first thing that is judged when the product sell sheet is handed is it’s

headline. The headline of the sheet does not only determine how the rest of the

sales sheet will go but also if the reader will continue to read it or not. If the

headline does not intrigue the reader to the extent that it reads it further, then

the pictures, tone, and style will go in vain. No matter how well it is constructed,

the reader will never know because it will not continue to read it. This is why the

headline should grasp the reader’s attention to the fullest.

A good idea is to summaries what the product is about in the few words of the

headline. Many statistics also show that readers lose interest in the pieces of

writing with long sentences and complex words. So the best thing to do is use

simple and clear language that will serve the purpose of explaining the

characteristics of the product.

  1. Format:

There is not any general format but the things that should be carefully added are the

details of the products or description if it is a service. The product details should

include the most gripping features of the product that will attract the customer as

well as distinguish your product from the other competitors in the market. Your

customer should be given a good reason to buy from your company instead of

others. In case of a service, a catchy product sell sheet should contain description of

what the service includes. Reviews might be added additionally as well if it is a

restaurant or a hotel resort. This will give the reader a good reason to trust the

business and give it a chance.


  1. Colourful images:

Adding a couple of pictures is always a good idea for marketing. The customers

should be able to see what you have to offer. It is most likely to be the reason a

customer shows interest. The pictures should be well photographed from different

angles but the sheet should not be just pictures. A few good shots combined with

the correct description can make a great impact on the customer.

  1. Logo:

The purpose of the logo is for the readers to identify the brand of the business.

This is necessary for a business to gain recognition. Also, this will tell the reader

about your company. A good logo that somehow defines your brand should be

added in the sheet as well near the headline. However, you can mention your

other products and services very briefly under the logo if you think that the

relevant customers might be interested in them as well.

  1. Contact details:

This is a very minor but significant piece of information that should never be left

out. It can have a very bad consequence. The interested party should be able to

contact you and find out about you in more detail if they wish to. For this

purpose, contact number and email. Must be provided in the product sell sheet .

Website information should also be provided as well as social. Media accounts so

that interested parties can search you. Businesses should always be active on

these sites as well so that they do not miss out any potential customers.

These are the five basic components of a product sell sheet. They are essential in every

sheet regardless of the product or service sold. It is crucial to include these five major details

in a product sell sheet. If any of these elements are left out, the product sell sheet would be

Incomplete which is why they all should be clearly and precisely included in the sheet. In

Addition, the product sell sheet design also has a great importance and role to play in

convincing a reader to read it . The design of the sales sheet should be interesting and

Captivating such that the reader feels compelled to read it.

Ideas for an impressive sell sheet design:

In addition to the features mentioned above, there are some things that can make a product

Sell sheet outstanding. It is very important that the five main elements represent in general

Because without it the other details will not matter.

A product sell sheet can further be modified by adding interesting slogans about product or

company overall. The slogans used should be impressive and ideas can be seen from

Advertising boards. Slogans play a vital role in both brochures and sales sheets.

There should be a good balance of visual data and descriptive data. If the sheet is full of just

Pictures and there isn’t any description of the product or the company, the readers will have

Nothing to interest them. Similarly, if there are not much pictures or no pictures at all, then

The reader will not get an idea of what the company is offering. However, if both are equally


used with pictures and their respective definitions, then the reader will be definitely


Statics can also be used to promote products such as nutritional values of a food item that

a business is selling but plotting graphs will make it boring. The statistical data should be

Presented using pie charts or other creative ways relevant to the company’s products and


The tone also matters a lot in the regard. The sheets cannot be extremely informal.

Sounding professional is necessary in order to show the customer that the business has

experience. It is highly recommended that the content in the sheets is accurate and to the

Point. Adding unnecessary and irrelevant content makes the sale sheets boring. So, the

Content may be less hut it should be well-written that fascinates the reader enough to try

Out the business product. Offering incentives is also a good idea for a business such as

discounts and coupons. This is also one of the things that attracts the interest of customers.

Incentives are one of the key ways for marketing. Sometimes new business gives free trial

Products to people for publicity of their product in order to attract potential customers.

Benefits to a business of making a product sell sheet:

Business has made a lot of progress with these product sell sheets. They benefit the

business in many ways without requiring a huge amount of investment. All a business needs

For this kind of marketing is an innovative marketing team that can come up with many

Different ideas from time to time and put them into action. The investment is small but the

outcome is large. Many businesses have gained potential customers using this marketing

Technique. Moreover, this way of marketing is quite appealing. It allows businesses to come

up with new ideas for promotion. As it imprints an impression in the market, these sheets

can help a business build their reputation. Once they have a reputation, it won’t take long

for customers to reach out to them. As a piece of writing, it is easy to circulate and makes it

fast for a business to gain recognition in the market. In this way, these businesses are not

Only recognized by some but many prospective customers ultimately leading to business. It

is the mode of communication between a prospective customer and a business-owner that

tells them what to expect and utilizes lesser time, energy, and money than other methods.


A product sales sheet is very effective marketing and sales technique used widely by

Businesses all over the world. It is simply the best way to demonstrate in front of the world

what a business is about. As it does not require a large investment, small and newly

established businesses with little to invest can also take advantage of it. Once a business has

created an eye-catching product sales sheet, it will be easier for customers to understand

the business and decide whether they want to invest in it or not. Thus, a business should

Make the most out of this marketing technique especially those businesses that are new so

That they can be identified by prospective customers.

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