How to Design the Most Effective Direct Mail Postcards?

When it comes to effective direct mail marketing, it is necessary that you are designing the tool right. It is not just about reaching the doorstep of the target audience. It is also for compelling them to engage with the brand and take the desired action. And that is why you need to make sure that the printed tools you are getting are designed the right way.


Best Practices for DesigningDirect Mail Postcards

When it comes to postcard mailing services, design matters a lot. Your brand postcard will be one of many mailers that your potential customer will be checking every day. And among the bills and receipts, your postcard should stand out and that is why you need to get the design elements right. For that, you need to check the following points:


  • Choose the Size

Choosing the right size of the postcards is crucial. The size will be a primary factor that will make your mailer stand out from the crowd of bills, invoices, leaflets and many other junks. Also, size is important when you are designing the card. You will get to know where to put the text and the graphics and how much space you will get. That is why you need to make sure you are choosing the right size. You can choose from 5.5”x4.25”, 6”x4.25”, 8”x5”, 9”x4” and more. You can also choose folded postcards too. If you have too much information to share that will not look good on a standard postcard, you can go for a folded one. 


  • Headline

The headline should be a bold opening statement that will immediately grab the attention of the customer. You don’t want them to keep the postcard aside. So, when you are designing the postcard make sure that the headline stands out. The phrase you use should be catchy and interesting. The font you will use should be easily legible and the style and color should make it prominent. 


  • Message

Direct mail postcard printing gives your customer something to hold on to for a long time. And that is why you need to be very premeditative about the message you are sharing with the postcard. The message should be visually appealing as well as should create urgency with the textual content. The urgency will make the customer react immediately and engage with your brand. For example, you are an owner of a pizza place that is offering one small pizza free with a large one. So, use phrases like “grab it tonight”, “Hurry as the offer is only valid till midnight” or something similar.


  • Coupon

Another excellent way to make your customer engage with USPS every door direct mail is to use coupons. Everyone loves a good discount. So, if you are an owner of a local store, ask them to come with the postcard as it will be their coupon for a discount. This way, you can also easily measure the success of the EDDM endeavor. If you are an online store and you want your customer to start ordering from you right away, give them a coupon code that will get them a hefty discount. Also, while doing so, make sure that the coupon code has an expiry mentioned.


  • CTA and Contact

These two are very important features to use in the direct mail postcard you are getting printed. Yes, your customers know that you are trying to sell the products or their service. But even after that, they will need a nudge, a direction to perform the task that you want them to. That is why you need to add a Call to Action or CTA with your postcard. “Visit us,” “buy now,”, “drop by,” and so on can be used for that. Also, make sure that you are getting the contact information printed in clear fonts. Your potential customers might not avail your discount but in future, they might want to call for some query. So, make sure you are putting your contact information. 


So, now as you know about direct mail postcard design, don’t waste time. Hire a company that offers online printing California and place your order with them. 

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