How to download photos and videos from Instagram

The Instagram social network evolves with the creation of new tools on how to download Instagram photos and videos to safely store all the content you publish and even the multiple stories created.

How to download photos and videos from Instagram

All the novelties of this application are focused on keeping the content directly saving what you publish, although it shares the URL with other apps.

You always have the possibility to download to your smartphone, but if you want to know how to download photos and videos from Instagram that can be from your network or from other users, you will need the Video Downloader for Instagram application.

To start, you must know what steps to follow and although you will have to view some ads this app develops the downloads perfectly.

Start by performing these steps:

  • Open the Instagram app.
  • Press the top three points in videos or photos.
  • Select the Copy link option.
  • Choose and open the Video Downloader for Instagram application and if the URL is not pasted in the background, do it manually.
  • Press share when viewing the selected video or photo and the content will be saved on your smartphone.

As alternatives to consider, Instagram allows you to republish your content or make a program (retweet), in addition to saving the content published on the main Timeline. On the other hand, for your stories and others that you publish you need another process and a new application.

Download Instagram Videos

You already have new features in your social network and all in one step, installing the InstaSaver app that will allow you to easily download Instagram videos.

In Google Play you will find others with the same name, but you can differentiate it because it has two options: the first one requires copying the link you will find on Instagram and the second will be to paste it later in the app.

I leave you the steps to follow:

  • Select the video to save by pressing on the three points at the top.
  • Press the copy URL option.
  • Paste the text into the InstaSave app.
  • Press Save to save a copy of the content.

You have the possibility of autosave, as a function to highlight and to activate you have to press the two tabs. This way, when you copy a URL, it will be saved automatically without the need to paste again, if you prefer an easier alternative to avoid complications, always with the excellent operation.

As for the copies of videos you can opt for other methods with greater sophistication such as IFTTT, where you can register and apply other available actions, but remember to press “like” to save your videos.

Download Instagram Photos

Currently, the Android system allows you to save Instagram photos in your local folder, although you will not be able to download them through a specific option of the app, by other methods that generate copies in the memory of your smartphone and are specially designed for your photos.

You can now use IFTTT to download Instagram photos, choosing your favorites and keeping them in Android memory.

There are other simpler ways for this type of downloads and they are available to all audiences as free, easy-to-use and automatic apps because they take care of all the work so you can keep your images.

Apps to Download Videos and Instagram Photos

Today, numerous applications are presented to users as the best tools to meet your expectations of saving, both videos, and photos published by your friends or followers on Instagram.

You can find apps to view the content you prefer and also do interesting things from your computer on this social network.

Here I present the best proposals and so you can choose your apps to download videos and photos, from your mobile or PC, generating content that is always safe and easy to save.

Apps to download Instagram photos

Instagram has the answer to your questions if you need to know what are the tools at your fingertips, the most recommended being the following for an effective download:


Download all your images as quickly and easily as you need.

Torch Browser

With this simple browser you can download the files you select from the Internet and then save the photos and videos of your Instagram network.

Apps to download Instagram videos

Take note and start enjoying your downloads with the most current tools:

Chrome IG Story

It allows you to view the downloads from your browser and is presented as an extension of Chrome, downloading videos or photos.

Ig Video Downloader

Another proposal to generate downloads of your videos.

You can also make downloads of stories that you will find on Instagram and that before was an impossible action, especially to see a story after 24 hours of its launch. In this kind of content that highlights the stories you can choose the screenshot to download, without neglecting these apps:


Next to the images, you can download the stories you select and your videos.

In Instagram downloading is a new opportunity to create content and if you have an account remember not to share or save anything published. As an important fact if users express that their photos or videos should not be downloaded, I advise you not to do so without permission, because such actions could be part of a crime.

Use the apps with due permission and enjoy your downloads from the most popular network with the best images.

Save, download and securely archive all your content with these guidelines on how to download photos and videos from Instagram!

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