How to Find Hotel Deals: The Ultimate Guide

Did you know that in early July 2021, the average daily rate for a hotel room was almost $140? If you’re going on vacation for just a few days, you might end up paying half a grand in just hotel fees alone!

You’ve been cooped up enough and you deserve a nice (and safe) vacation. But you shouldn’t have to throw away so much money somewhere to rest your head at night. You’ll be broke quickly if you pay full rates!

If you’re wondering about how to find hotel deals, then you’re in the right place. In this article, we’ll show you some ways to score cheap hotel rooms!

Sign Up With Hotel and Booking Websites

The majority of hotel and booking websites want to entice people to become members. And they do so with welcome discounts!

So before you start searching, first sign up for these sites. The discounts aren’t sent to you instantly, so you might be stuck looking and waiting for the welcome discount if you don’t sign up first.

While you’re waiting for the discount email to come through, you can then browse their site and see what your options are.

Once you’ve booked as a member, you can also earn credit towards their rewards programs. For many of these sites, you can get something like 10% off your next booking if you book 5 nights.

Get a Hotel Rewards Credit Card

Chances are, you probably use a credit card in your daily life. So why not kill 2 birds with 1 stone by getting a hotel rewards credit card? This will make saving money on hotels so much easier!

Every time you swipe your card, you’ll be earning points toward hotel stays. If you’re wise about it, you might even earn some free bookings!

The interest rates on credit cards can be quite high at times, so make sure you can make the minimum monthly payments. Otherwise, you won’t be saving money, as you’ll be paying off late fees and high-interest rates.

Search for Free Cancellation Bookings

Have you ever found a great rate before, but were on the fence about booking? What if you found even better rates later? Then you’ll have to eat the cancellation fee!

A great way around this is to search for free cancellation bookings. With this option, you can search for fantastic rates way ahead of time. When you’re able to nab unbelievable deal months in advance, it can give you some peace of mind.

Even if you think you’ve gotten a great deal, continue to search hotel rates regularly before your trip. If you find something better, you’ll be able to cancel your initial booking; no harm, no foul. And if you don’t, you’ve already secured cheap accommodations!

Use Comparison Sites

The best way to get cheap hotel rooms is to be thorough in your search. But with so many websites available nowadays, it’d take forever to slog through them all! This is especially true if you plan on searching regularly, as we’ve suggested above.

To save some time, you should use comparison sites to find discount hotel rates. Some even allow you to sign up for alerts, so all you have to do is set some parameters and you’ll get an email alert if anything fits that criteria. That’ll save you lots of time!

Try Out Mystery Deals

This tip might not work for everyone, but if you’re a bit more flexible and don’t care too much about your accommodations, then try out mystery deals!

Basically, you’ll enjoy humongous savings, but with a catch. You won’t know which hotel you’re staying at until you’ve checked out and paid. So if you’re not too picky about where you stay, this is one of the best travel tips for saving!

Bid on Hotel Rooms

Many booking websites have a feature where you can bid on hotel rooms. This can be trickier since if you don’t win the auction, you’ll have to bid on more rooms or book in a more traditional way.

With this option, you know where you’re staying. You put down a price you’re willing to pay and you’ll be notified if you’ve won the auction. Do note that any bids you put down are binding, so don’t make the mistake of bidding on multiple auctions, just in case you win more than 1!

Look for Last-Minute Deals

This is also risky, as you’ll have to wait until the very last minute to book a hotel room. But this can pay off when you get one that’s at a ridiculously low price!

For a safer plan, we’d recommend booking a free cancellation room first. Then, try to get a last-minute deal. If you aren’t able to, then you have the original room to fall back on.

Search for Coupon Codes

Let’s say you’ve got it: 5 nights at a rate you’ve got to snatch up! But hold on, don’t check out and pay just yet.

Take a minute to Google coupon codes for that hotel and/or website you’re using. You’ll usually get several hits, so try inputting those codes. It might take several tries, but it’ll be worth it when you can save a bit extra!

Know How to Find Hotel Deals to Save Big

Now that you know how to find hotel deals, you’re ready to save big on your next vacation. With all the money that remains in your pockets, you’ll be able to spend more on fun things like nice dinners, cool souvenirs, and unforgettable experiences.

So the next time you book your vacation, don’t forget to use the tips from this article. You’ll be so glad you did when you see how much you’ll save!

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