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How to Fix iPhone Stuck on Black Screen

How to Fix iPhone Stuck on Black Screen

In this article, we will talk about the issues related to iPhone that are, when screen turns black or randomly turns black, or phone doesn’t turn on or if it does, it doesn’t charge and issues like these. In this article, a recovery method is going to be gifted to the readers to fix the iPhone whose screen has turned black randomly and doesn’t show any sign of recovery. So keep reading it through the end to get the idea as to how to fix the said fault.

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TO BEGIN WITH, let’s say we have an iPhone 6. Its screen has turned black and shows no sign of life at all. Let’s try to give it life because IPone works even if its screen goes black randomly. In order to fix the issue, we will need a software named “iMyFone Fixpo (iOS System recovery), and it is available for all those who use MAC and can easily be downloaded.

ONCE the software is installed, and you open it, it gives you two options to fix the issue of iPhone whose screen has tuned black randomly. The first option is the STANDARD MODE. If you opt for this option, you will fix the issue without losing data on your iPhone whose screen has randomly turned black. This option can help you fix the issues such as when your iPhone is stuck on a white or black screen or on the Apple logo or on recovery mode or if your iPhone keeps restarting by itself, or if your iPhone is broken many many more. But if you go for the second method, ADVANCE MODE, it’s going to delete your important data while fixing the issues of your iPhone’s screen that’s turned black or dead.

SO LET us try the first method, which is standard, to redeem your iPhone’s black screen. Having downloaded the said software, connect your iPhone (with a black screen or stuck screen) with your computer or laptop. Then press Power Button and Home button and hold them pressed for 5 seconds. After that, release the Power Button but keep pressing the Home button until your computer recognizes your IPhone. Once your computer gets into FU mode, the installed software automatically detects it. Now you got to download the latest software version for your iOS device.

Again, there are two ways to download the FIRMWARE. The first method is to download through the software, whereas the second method is to download through your browser. Once you have downloaded the software according to your chosen method, start fixing the issue of your iPhone’s black screen or dead screen of your IPhone. If you have chosen the STANDARD MODE to prevent data loss and if it fails to fix the issues, you have to go for ADVANCE MODE, but it may result in data loss. So select Advance Mode, download firmware and start fixing the issue.

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