How to get Jaisalmer tour package from Mumbai

 Transportation made easy to travel from Mumbai to Jaisalmer


With the rapidly growing industry named tours and travels the people are making themselves ready to explore out the new places. While traveling has become the trend in the modern world where everyone loves to enjoy their vacay outside and know more about their heritage and culture of India. As with this increasing trend, our ways of transport are also growing so fast that an individual can go one place to another in a few hours instead of wasting days in travel. This influences the traveling industry and people to travel more while availing Jaisalmer tour packages from Mumbai to watch out for their heritage, monuments, wonders, etc.


Jaisalmer is situated in the northern part of India where most of India’s heritage and monuments are built, and in the owe of that many travelers from the corners of India would love to come here and explore the beauty and serenity of the place. As this place has a lot to tell about the maharaja’s and maharani’s, the battles and the wars fought, and so much about our culture which local people religiously follow in their everyday routine.


Transport options available from Mumbai to Jaisalmer


But, many people have questions in mind that it’s easy to go to Jaisalmer and come on the same weekend? How much travel time to reach Jaisalmer from Mumbai? Now, don’t worry you will get the answers to all Questions and will be traveling to Jaislamer by availing the Jaisalmer tour package.


Here, we will tell you about the most sensible ways of traveling from Mumbai to Jaisalmer. The Jaisalmer is only 1059 KMs away from here but there are various ways from which you can travel to Jaisalmer. Look out for the option available:


Mumbai to Jaisalmer by bus:


There are plenty of buses to choose from at distinct price points for this path. Various kinds of bus run on this path. E. g. Volvo AC Semi-sleeper, multi-axle (2+ 2), AC sleeper (2+ 1), Volvo A / C Semi-sleeper multi-axle (2 + 2). You can choose to get to Jaisalmer from Mumbai from various travel agents. Check Mumbai’s Jaisalmer bus fare rates. There are also many govt. buses that run on these routes.


Mumbai to Jaisalmer by Train:


A trip of approximately 15 hours. The closest railway station is in Jaisalmer. It is approximately 1 km from the airport in Jaisalmer. Mumbai to Jaisalmer, there are some stops, such as Mumbai Borivali (19 km), Valsad (183 km), Bharuch Junction (311 km), Anand Junction (417 km), Ahmedabad Junction (481 km), etc. You will have a lot of fun while traveling on the train.


Mumbai to Jaisalmer by car:


Instead, if you want to move by highway from Mumbai to Jaisalmer, discover the full taxi manual from Mumbai to Jaisalmer. Take a vehicle or rent a taxi to Jaisalmer from Mumbai. The rates starting at INR 5 per kilometer for employing a vehicle vary depending on your vehicle selection. Besides the ticket, you will have to settle the additional charge.


Mumbai to Jaisalmer by Flight


Find Mumbai to Jaisalmer airlines, discover accessibility, and book Mumbai to Jaisalmer flight fares. Some direct flights fly daily from Mumbai to Jaisalmer. It requires about one hour to travel by plane. There are several taxi and taxi facilities accessible outside the airport to move to other areas of Jaisalmer from the airport.

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