How To Learn QuickBooks For Free

When you think of accounting software, it must start with QuickBooks as it is one of the finest accounting software

Around 4.3 million people use QuickBooks for managing their tax and accounting needs and the number itself shows how important it is. A huge number of CPAs, accountants and SMBs prefer QuickBooks hosting over other services to manage their business needs and this is what makes QuickBooks the game-changer in the business world. 

But before taking all the advantages of QuickBooks, let’s know how to learn QuickBooks without any cost.

  1. QuickBooks Learning Center

One of the best ways to learn QuickBooks is through QuickBooks learning Center. It is the finest source of information for learning QuickBooks provided by Intuit and the feature is also included in the software in the help menu. 

Using QuickBooks learning centre, you can access the QuickBooks PDF guide and quick learning modules. It also provides the option to connect with other users for guidance using the learning portal. 

2. QuickBooks Training 

QuickBooks Training is a website that provides QuickBooks Online Training, QuickBooks Desktop training, QuickBooks certification, QuickBooks learn, and many other QuickBooks related services training. It generally has paid options, but you can access how-to tutorials and articles without payment. 

The non-paid content is generally for beginners and the videos are only a few minutes long. If you need to start learning the basics of QuickBooks, QuickBooks Training is a great option. 

3. QuickBooks Explained 

QuickBooks Explained is a must visit source if you want to learn comprehensive and detailed information about QuickBooks. It provides video tutorials, have longer and explanatory QB videos and also offers to-do tests for the users. Also, there are short videos explaining the basics of QB and you can learn more about handling various tasks in QuickBooks. 

QuickBooks Explained also has a newsletter that includes information about recent videos or new developments in software. 

4. QuickBooks 

QuickBooks provides a special webinar called QB Power Hour that provides the required skills needed for the QuickBooks users to become an expert in QuickBooks. 

The website focuses on paid training options but it also provides free webinars that are generally of less duration as compared to the QB Power Hour. They also provide webinars on different topics like taxes, accounts and other related topics. 

5. Udemy 

Udemy is an online learning platform that provides online classes, webinars and study material for almost all the academic courses. But the best part is, it also provides combining access to free and paid classes on QuickBooks. You can learn more about QuickBooks going through various topics that involve no cost, where some are general QB topics and some are task specific. Udemy also provides the availability of reading user reviews which makes it clear if you will want to choose the subjects or if the course is right for you. Moreover, you can also look at how many courses are available or how many other people are taking the classes. 

Also, there’s an option of getting into new classes every time you want. You don’t have to worry about leaving a class as you can join any of the latest classes anytime.

6. Dummies 

Dummies provide information and online articles for free. They also have a series of books that are instructional and informational and explain everything from basics that you will want to learn about QuickBooks. 

It has a copy of around 1,000 titles related to QuickBooks which clearly states that it contains information about QuickBooks latest and old techniques, you can choose what you want to learn. 

7. LinkedIn Learning 

Using LinkedIn Learning, you can learn alot about QuickBooks. Although it is not free, you can choose a 30-day free trial which will give you enough time to prepare yourself with the basics of QuickBooks. 

Apart from QuickBooks, you can learn about small business accounting, taxes and finances using LinkedIn Learning. 

8. provides free online tutorials. Before visiting the site, you must check the information provided there and also go through the advice before purchasing the program. also gives access to some of the QuickBooks resources related to QuickBooks Desktop and QuickBooks Online which explains the basic and the tough parts of using both the versions of the software.

You might face some issues while you start with it but later when you are  up with some of the tutorials, it will be easy for you to understand how it works. You can learn a lot with little efforts here. 

9. QuickBooks Tutorials 

Intuit, the developer of QuickBooks offers video tutorials for accountants and small businesses using QuickBooks software. If you are a small business owner or an accountant, you must watch the QuickBooks Tutorials developed by Intuit as the information is designed to help each one of you. 

After watching the video, you can learn more about QuickBooks and its functioning. The tutorials will help you learn from the very basics to the toughest parts of using the software.

10. Better Bottom Line 

Better Bottom Line provides QuickBooks help, QB for manufacturers and distributors, bookkeeping for small businesses and other QB related help to the users. It also provides free PDF guides to offer more help to the users.

It also provides guides for learning the latest editions of QuickBooks as well as FAQs to better understand QB. 

These platforms are really great options if you want to learn more about QuickBooks.

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