How to Open a Company in Italy

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Opening Companies in Italy – in Italy, onion the most used methods from the classification of companies is linked to therole of shareholders within their management. Let’s see what the types ofcompanies present in Italy are.PartnershipsThese companies provide that theshareholders respond in an unlimited manner – or even with equity if necessary– for social obligations and are set up before a notary who will file the deedto allow registration in the business register.Among partnerships we find:Simple company: it cannot be used toopen a business, while it is used in the agriculture and real estate sector.The shareholders undertake the obligation to confer capital, assets but alsotheir work to the company with unlimited liability regarding the debts.Collective company: This type of companycan carry out any type of commercial activity. The liability of the member’s isunlimited, but any creditor will refer to the personal assets of the debtorsonly if the corporate assets are not sufficient.Limited partnership: it can also carryout commercial activities and its composition includes two types ofshareholders who respond differently to the company’s obligations. Indeed,limited partners are only liable for their quota, while limited partners answerin an unlimited manner and take care of the management.How to open a business in ItalyStarting a business in Italy, both as asole proprietorship and as a company, implies a series of administrativeobligations that must be followed, to avoid incurring any penalties.So what are the steps to be followed in asane way before they can be truly operational? The first step is, of course, toopen a VAT number, or to request an 11-digit numeric code from the RevenueAgency, which identifies the company.Here, it will also be necessary to indicatethe ATECO code, that is, the one relating to the activity to be started, aswell as the accounting regime to be adopted. Subsequently, it will be necessaryto proceed with the registration of the company at the competent Chamber ofCommerce, as well as the registration of the same company at the localheadquarters of INPS and INAIL. For particular activities, it will also benecessary to request the necessary licenses and authorizations to be able tooperate from the relevant Bodies (Municipality, Health Authority, etc.).Thanks to some simplifications provided by Law firm Italy, it is now possibleto fulfill such obligations through a single communication to the CompanyRegister. This communication is made exclusively electronically and contains,in practice, all tax, social security and insurance information, which must besent to the various Bodies.The “Single Communication” (thisis its name) proposes, in essence, a single administrative process, to besubmitted electronically to the “Business Register” only, at thereference Chamber of Commerce. A further mandatory step (and preliminary to theothers) is necessary in case of activity carried out by a company, or theconstitution of the same before a notary, who will take care of the drafting ofthe articles of association and the statute (not foreseen in the case of Srlsimplified).These, in short, are the main indicationsfor starting a business in Italy, a country where too much (and often slow)bureaucracy unfortunately constitutes a big limit to development.

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