How to Recover Deleted AT&T Emails?


Whenever we talk about communicating and sharing information via any email service platform, one name particularly stands out. The Yahoo mail service has been one of the most prominent and popular email services and has been ruling the email world for years now.


It provides you with all the latest features along with state of the art security services that help you to ensure the safety of your account as well as great service. Its services have improved significantly over the years, especially after when Yahoo and AT&T merged to create a single emailing platform, although the two parted ways back in 2017 and are now two different email platforms.


AT&T is a telecommunications company that is also the second-largest provider and the largest mobile phone and fixed telephone in all of America respectively. Apart from being a popular name amidst the local users, AT&T has also made a name for itself internationally as well.


The email login is a web-based mail service platform that provides customizable content that includes news, entertainment, sports, and weather among other services. If by chance you have lost some of your important emails or accidentally deleted them, it can be a very stressful issue for you.


It is generally advised to have an offline backup in case something like this happens. If you didn’t have a backup of any kind, worry not as we are going to discuss some steps that can help you to easily restore your deleted emails, but before we get into that let us discuss a few points that we need to consider before restoring your permanently deleted emails.


  1. You can only recover the emails within 7 days of deletion.
  2. The restoration request cannot be reverted.
  3. It is not always possible to restore a mail once it’s deleted.
  4. The restored emails will be saved in the same folders where they were deleted and if you can’t find the files, try to check the trash folder.
  5. You can’t recover data that was lost a year ago, there is a specific time limit for recovery. Therefore, it is advisable to back up the important data files to avoid any further loss of data.


The AT&T restore feature acts as a “savior” among all the other features provided by the platform. It helps in restoring any mail that ever existed in your account. It is a crucial feature and plays an important part in recovering emails. It is important that you don’t receive any more emails while you try to recover the lost emails if you don’t plan on losing more emails permanently.


Steps to Recover Permanently Deleted AT&T Emails


  1. Log in to your AT&T email
  2. Go to the “missing emails support page” after signing in.
  3. Next, you will have to fill out a form. Make sure to enter the details correctly.
  4. Click on “when did you first notice the emails were missing” and fill out the date when you lost the emails.
  5. Now, you will have to describe your problem in a brief manner.
  6. Make sure to say that you accidentally deleted the email files but didn’t want to.
  7. Next, fill out the form with the necessary information and then recheck it.
  8. Click on the “submit” button.
  1. Later you will receive a mail from which will tell you whether your emails will be restored or not.


You can easily recover your deleted AT&T emails with the help of these steps, but if you still find it difficult to restore your emails, then it is advised that you may reach out to the AT&T support team for help.

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