How to Recover or Change an AOL Password?

AOL Mail is used by many of the users as it is free of cost and provides a freeway communication method to send and receive emails on a daily basis. But, sometimes the process of exchanging emails interrupts due to your busy and hectic schedule; you ‘Forget your AOL password’. However, there is nothing to panic about as you can easily recover your AOL password using the below-mentioned solution. 


First of all, in this situation, try to Recover your AOL password with the help of your browser. Yes! Your current browser will help you to get your password back if it has an auto-fill feature. Actually, the case is when you open your AOL mail using a web browser it will provide you with the option to save your login credentials details for your ease-of-use. Once you give permission to your browser, it will eliminate the requirement of entering login details every time you log in. Therefore, if you have saved your password as well as username using this feature, you can easily get your password back.


And, if not! Then, in this case, you can easily reset your AOL Password as AOL Mail accounts privacy setup is very user-friendly. But if you don’t know ‘how to reset/change AOL Password’ you can use these below-mentioned steps: 

  • Go to the ‘Sign-in’ page of AOL Mail and there enter your details such as your AOL ‘Username’.
  • Then, click on ‘Sign-in’ 
  • Once you click that, you’ll encounter the option ‘I forgot my AOL Password’.
  • Then you have to click on that option and then hit on ‘Next’
  • Now, AOL team will provide you two options that you have provided at the time of registration to reset your AOL password i.e.,
    • The phone number 
    • E-mail Address 
  • Choose any from the above-given option so that the AOL team will send you a verification code on it to verify your identity.
  • All you have to do is choose ‘Yes, call me with verification code or text me the verification code’. 
  • After that, they’ll send you a link. 
  • That’s it! Use that link to reset/change/create your new AOL password and hit on ‘Save’ to apply the changes. 


Now, after you recover your password, remember that you have to avoid such things so that it will not trouble you in the future. And, for that, instead of relying on your memory, you can keep your passwords stored in a ‘Password Manager’. Other than that, you can collect your passwords in a browser or you can download a free to use a third-party program to secure it in encrypted formats.


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