How to Restore or Retrieve Lost/ Deleted/Missing Contacts in Yahoo?


E-mails were and still are one of the easiest as well as fastest ways to communicate and exchange information, be it personal and professional alike. In this era of technology where most platforms tend to become outdated after a while, whereas some seem to stand out and outgrow others, racing towards glory and recognition. Many firms focus on providing state of the art features alongside highly user-friendly interfaces, also emphasizing on providing it a cheap but nominal rate. One such platform is the Yahoo mail. The Yahoo mail, one of the most prominent yet cost-effective webmail services which is accessed by billions of people around the globe every day. This mail service has been giving all the other mail platforms a run for their money for more than a decade now. Its highly user friendly interface combined with superior in built features makes it easy for its users to avail the perks with relative ease which gives it the upper edge against other mail services who are also reliable but lag behind because of minor technicalities in their user interface. When talking about the Yahoo mail, another name comes up in our mind that is the AT&T mail platform. Since the mail platforms were merged, you can use the same password to access both your email accounts. This is why the inboxes and contacts and addresses of both accounts are shared. Users have expressed their disappointment over the fact that sometimes a single or all Yahoo contacts disappeared. You can retrieve the lost list easily from your Yahoo account.

Before moving forward with how to retrieve your lost contacts, let us learn a bit more about AT&T and its features.

  1. With the help of the “action” button, you can manage your contact list.
  2. You can sort your contacts list by using the first name, surname or last name.
  3. Duplicate contacts can be easily deleted.
  4. Printing the contact list is very easy too.
  5. You can also download contacts in the form of a CSV file.
  6. Contacts can be easily imported from Outlook, Google and Facebook.
  7. Contacts can also be exported from AT&T contacts easily.

Because of these compelling reasons, the users tend to keep their contacts saved on AT&T since it is safely backed up by Yahoo and can be accessed easily. But the users have a hard time keeping up when somehow the contacts go missing, since most of them are unaware of the recovery process of AT&T.

Given below are some of the cases in which you need recovery for AT&T contact;

  1. When someone else uses your account and deletes your contacts.
  2. When you have deleted a contact unintentionally.
  3. When the contact list gets corrupted.
  4. When the contact is missing for some unknown reason.
  5. When someone hacks into your account and deletes all your data.

How can we recover deleted or missing contacts?

There are 2 ways by which you can easily restore your Yahoo contacts. Make note of the fact that we can only restore the contacts which were deleted no more than 30 days ago.

Solution 1

Recover AT&T contact individually

  1. To restore missing Yahoo contacts, go to its webmail page and log in.
  2. Next, click on the contacts.
  3. Select “deleted contacts”.
  4. Next, click on the contacts you want to restore, then select “actions” option.
  5. Now, restore your contacts from “backup”.
  6. Enter the date and time to which you want to restore your email contacts and click on the “restore” button afterwards.
  7. Your contact has now been restored successfully.


Solution 2

Recover complete AT&T contact list


  1. To restore missing Yahoo contacts list, you will have to choose “contacts” and from there on choose “deleted contacts”.
  2. Now, select the “restore from backup” option that is right under the “actions” menu.
  3. Next, choose and enter the date and time for which you have to back up the contact list for. If you don’t find a suitable date it simply means that you have no contacts to backup.
  4. Click “restore”.
  5. Your contacts have now been successfully restored.

This method of recovering the missing contacts list is only viable only if you choose a date for which backup is available. If you add contacts later on to that chosen date, they will not be retrieved. Therefore it is advised to export your contacts list firsthand to back them up later.

With the help of these two methods you can easily restore your missing Yahoo contacts lists with relative ease. If somehow you find it difficult to follow up with these methods or face any other technicalities while going through all of this, then you may contact help and support services.

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