Do you want to change your hairstyle, but you are unsure how it will look on you? How about using Hair Extensions to change your hairstyle? Life is too short not to have tried different hair colors and new hairstyles. Hair will always grow back. Be fun and adventurous by using hair extensions to change your look.


Using hair extensions to change your Simple Hairstyle to a gorgeous hairstyle is an excellent way to try different hairstyles without commitment. Try different hair lengths and colors that you always wanted but didn’t get because you were worried about hair damage with hair extensions.


Clip-in hair extensions are ideal if you want long and thick hair in seconds. From installation to styling, clip-in extensions are easy to use. Trying different length hairstyles is easy as breathing, thanks to hair extensions.


Work, school, or a special occasion, you will find various hairstyles using hair extensions that are suitable to be worn anywhere and anytime.





First things first, hair prep.


Blow-drying your hair gives your hair volume.


Before using hair extensions, prep your hair so hairstyles last longer. Blow-drying your hair after hair wash gives hair more volume. Section your hair into four sections with clips. Spray dry shampoo at the root of each section of your hair if your scalp gets oily.


Backcomb the roots of your hair, so the clip-in extensions are easy to install. This step is essential for ladies with straight and fine hair. With a paddle brush, remove tangles and knots extensions before you install the extensions into your hair.


Beach Waves



                         Elevate your hairstyle with highlights on your beach waves


Beach waves Hairstyle is famous for being time-efficient and convenient. This is one of those hairstyles that work well with any outfit and occasion. Use any type of hair extension to create beach waves. With the right tools and techniques, the results are stunning.


Tie your hair into two ponytails and curl the hair in sections with a curling wand. Untie your hair from the ponytails and brush with a wide-toothed comb. This is a great way to minimize heat damage to your hair extensions. Apply hairspray for finishing touches.


Messy Side Braid


Look beautiful with a timeless messy side braid hairstyle


The romantic, flirty, and messy hairstyle is known as a messy side braid. The timeless hairstyle highlights effortless beauty, and it is suitable for any season. Any hair extension works well to create this side braid. You don’t need any heat styling tool. Awesome right?


Collect your hair at the nape of your neck. Choose a side you want to place the braid and start braiding. To make it more fabulous, start braiding from the front of the hair and to the ends.

Half Up, Half Down


Curl your hair extension for more volume on your half up, half down hairstyle


The half up half down is a superb hairstyle that is easy to create with hair extensions. This hairstyle is classic and looks flattering with both casual and formal outfits.


Gather half of the crown’s hair, twist it and then secure it with a hair tie. Ensure that the top of the hair extensions is not visible. Gather the tied hair and twist it into a bun while letting the rest free to flow. Curl or straighten the hair that is half down to style it. Accessorize your hairstyle with cute pearls or flowers.





Be stylish with a high ponytail using a ponytail hair extension


A ponytail is a chic, classy, and modern hairstyle that is always stylish. This hairstyle is simple, but the elegant look of this hairstyle makes it suitable for any occasion. This hairstyle only takes seconds to create.


Hair companies also sell ready-made ponytail extensions with different hair patterns. Place the claw part into the top base part of your real hair and twist the rubber band around the hair tie to hide the band. For a natural finish, straighten your real hair before putting the hair extensions in place.


From Short Hair to Long Beautiful Locks


From thin and short hair to thick and long hair


If you want straight long hair instead of an extreme hairstyle transformation, add length using straight hair extensions to your natural hair. If you have short hair and can’t wait for long locks, use hair extensions while waiting for your hair to grow.


The instant hair length will make it very easy to try a different hairstyle that you can’t try on short length hair. If you want a natural look, pick the hair extension that matches your hair shade. You can rock long, straight hair while letting your natural hair grow.

Hair extensions are short-haired girl’s length best friend—different hair lengths for different days.


Ombre Hair Dye Look or Root Stretch Without Commitment


With the right clip-in extension, you can rock this look


Have you seen your favorite celebrity with beautiful ombre hair dye and wondered if you can rock the same look but never tried it? Now you can, too, with colored hair extensions without commitment.


The trendy ombre dye look or root stretch takes the hair from a darker shade at the roots into a lighter shade towards the midsections and ends. Try a clip-in hair extension that already went through unique coloring treatments. Colored hair is beautiful without needing much styling.


Use Hair Extensions for Voluminous Hairstyle


Hair extensions give your hair volume and endless styling options


Hair extensions are not only great for styling your hair but also adding volume at the same time. The thickness and volume of hair extensions are easy to style. With thin hair, ladies have to put coverage over hairstyle, which is no way to live.


Use human hair extensions with multiple pieces so that you get to decide which part needs volume. Secure your hair extensions around the crown for a lift at the toots, and use a curling wand to create bouncy waves. Create luscious locks that blend perfectly with your natural hair.


Test Out a Fringe


Try a fringe hair extension and custom cut it to flatter your face shape


A great way to change your look is by testing out a fringe if you are new to hair extensions and wigs. Try out special clip-in fringe hair extensions instead of chopping your hair to get some bangs. The clip-in fringes are carefully cut and created to flatter the wearer.


Pick a clip-in fringe in your hair shade and attach it securely before brushing to the side for a sleek side fringe or as a blunt fringe. If you don’t find the exact fringe extensions you want, go to your hairstylist and get them professionally cut to suit your face shape.


All the above hairstyles are easy to create with hair extensions. Add your touch to the New Hairstyles mentioned above with some silk scarves and accessories.


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