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Nowadays, watching online videos is common and so people spend much of their time on the internet to watch and download the desired videos. Of course, downloading of online videos would not be possible since YouTube has some strict rules and regulations. Don’t worry….!! Vidmate app is here which resolves all your issues while facing at the time of downloading of online videos!!

Why choose vidmate app?

Vidmate app offers a wide range of features that gives you a chance to download online videos from various portals. Yes, vidmate is specially designed for the mobile users to fetch tons of online videos from several networking sites namely YouTube, Vimeo, and so on. At the same time, it helps the users to enjoy lots f online clips in high picture quality. In addition, this app supports different formats and resolutions and so you are free to enjoy any of the videos which you are looking for. And also, it is the app which supports multiple downloads and so highly compatible with any of the devices such as android, PC, iPhone and much more.

Of course, it has been designed for the android users at first but due to the compulsion of the users it has been designed even for the iOS users. The main reason for the popularity of the vidmate is attention grabbing interface so that you will not find any difficulty while searching any of the online videos. Using the app, you can choose the desired resolutions and size of the videos which you would like to have on your device. Also, apart from all, you can easily convert a video file into an mp3 file since it has default in-built converter.

Still, wondering why should download vidmate app?

Just imagine…!! You are going somewhere on the bus, then what will you do when you may get bore feeling? And sure, you will surf internet and enjoy online videos, right? If you are the one who is having slow internet connection or 3G network, then is it possible to watch and enjoy the videos? That is why; vidmate is here which helps you to work without any buffering issues even you are struggling with the slow internet connection. In addition, you no need to search for the videos here and there since vidmate is loaded with tons of online clips and so you can pass the time effectively just by opening the application.

In addition to all, it is the third application and so it should be downloaded from the other party app store 9apps. With advent of technology, downloading of online videos has become easier and possible. Surprisingly, fetching any of the online videos is about a single click operation and so you no need to wait for a long until the downloading has to be completed. Meanwhile, you can check the status of the grabbing at the main screen just by swiping down the top screen. This is all about the vidmate app and sure you are ready to download vidmate app on your device, right?

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