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Shoulder: Stay connected to all your business news and events with iCrowd French, the financial news website that gives you quick updates in your very own language, French.


At the heart of the economic giant that is the European Union, stand the French, proud of their language and their culture. But France is more than that. It is the business hotspot, the key to European economy. As such, the pace is dizzyingly fast and the atmosphere charged. To stay abreast of whatever happens, you need a news companion that keeps you updated. And no companion can be better than iCrowd French, the business news website that keeps you updated of the financial offerings from Paris and in your language.

Like a slick businessman that keeps ahead and benefits from that particular virtue of his, iCrowd French helps you keep up to speed with what’s happening in France: from the ups and downs at Euronext Paris to the hot news in La Défense, iCrowd French will ensure that you get the news by the time’s its happening. Otherwise, what good is news that gets to you after the time has passed? Their website https://www.icrowdfr.com/ does timely news deliverance and then some.

Aside from their minute-to-minute updates and a keen eye on the business districts of the country, iCrowd French offers a host of other benefits, among which their language of offering is the most significant. As the name implies and you might have guessed, iCrowd French offers the whole deal in your very own language. That means no dictionaries or squinting at your phone to correctly guess which word it is in front of you. You get the news that matters to you, in French. What else could an entrepreneur ask for?

The business world is a fast-paced affair. It requires a person to be well-connected and well-informed. They can’t help your connections network but what iCrowd French can do is keep you well-informed. And it does that in the nick of the time. It does not wait around live TV channels or radio stations for the clock to get to 9 to report that Total S.A. had the best trading day in the year or if Credit Agricole wants its shareholders to brace for a rough year. None of that slow-paced matters. Their website provides news as it happens, thereby allowing you to stay ahead and make your crucial decisions in the nick of the time. Plus, their website is accessible from both laptops and smartphones, meaning all that good stuff can be viewed from your phone or whatever device is near you. Getting news in French was never made easier and with iCrowd French, the website takes it up a notch with seamless reporting and updating. All from the comfort of your home and your device. All in French. The language that runs France, its businesses and its people. It’s simple and intuitive and keeps you up-to-date. That’s all it does and does it better than the rest.

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