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Shoulder: Keep your finger at the pulse of what Russia’s business landscape has to offer with iCrowd Russian, the website updated minute-by-minute in your language.


In an economy as big and vibrant as Russia’s, its easy to get lost in the whirlwind of activity. There’s always something going on: from Kremlin to the International Business Centre, news is king and newsmakers control the business world. The exciting, high stakes world of Russia’s financial district is enough to get anyone jetlagged. Enter: iCrowd Russian. The definitive business news hub that updates you with news from Moscow from the convenience of your home, your device; now in Russian.

Russia changes by the minute. Politics, business, everything. It is the definition of a fast-paced setting. Wrapping your head around the happenings in Russia can be disorienting, so iCrowd Russian gives you the ease of getting news updates in your own language. Be Russian, read Russian, right? Their website, which can be accessed at https://icrowdru.com/, is optimised for desktop PCs, laptops and smartphones, which means that you can get all the updates you need on Russia’s financial outlook from the comfort of your devices in your own home. Newspapers and TV are already becoming history. Time to be part of the internet revolution.

The world moves at a lightning paces and Russia outpaces the world when it comes to business and economy. To stay ahead, therefore, is to win and to stay informed is to outmanoeuvre the rest. That’s why iCrowd Russian brings you the latest from the financial district at lightning speeds to ensure that you stay ahead of the rest and make the best out of what is afforded to you; news updates that keep you informed on-the-go. Business news, updates that matter, all verified that get to you in the blink of an eye, keeping you ahead of the curve in every sense of the word.

iCrowd Russian brings you the best of the internet in a package that’s easy to read (after all, it is in Russian). Business news you need to stay ahead of the rest and the comfort of having it all on a website in your phone. Want to know what’s the newsmaker for today at Moscow’s stock exchange? Or has your favourite stock gained traction and has increased in its value? All this and much more with iCrowd Russian. Their website updates minute-by-minute, combining the internet and the business sites themselves to look for big story-makers and delivering all that fresh content to your screens with little time in-between. News delayed isn’t news anymore, so iCrowd Russian banks greatly on their speedy updates and news reporting by the minute. 

The other great thing about the website is that it offers all that updated content in a language you can read and understand easily: Russian. When in Russia, do as Russians do. So, the website has been optimised with the Russian language, which saves you from all the hassle of English reporting and news-making, meaning you don’t have to keep an English-to-Russian dictionary to view news. Just read in Russian and stay informed. That’s what iCrowd Russian does.

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