If you own a company or consume large amounts of LPG, you should have a bulk LPG storage tank.

As you know, the gas is lethal and can result in grave accidents and even the burning of your building. Due to this, you should be cautious of how you handle it. To help you out, here are tips you should consider when handling the tank:

Be wary of where you install it

Where do you place the tank? For your safety and that of others, locate the unit at a safe place. Ensure that there is enough distance between the reservoir and your building. In the event, you need to modify the area near the tank, don’t plant any trees, sheds, walls, or fences nearby. There also shouldn’t be any drains or gullies near the reservoir.

Provide enough ventilation

It’s common for LPG tanks to leak. To be safe when this happens, there should be enough room around the tank. This is to provide ample air flow and avoid accidents. In addition to leaving enough space, also get rid of any rubbish that might be lying around the tank. For the same reasons, cut down any grass or weeds near the reservoir.

Protect the tank from thieves

If you have bought the tank before you know that it doesn’t come cheap. To protect the tank from being stolen, have a security fence around it. To avoid accidents, the wall should allow enough airflow. It’s also wise to install CCTV cameras around the unit. If the unit is too big, hire a dedicated professional to secure it. As rule of thumb, the tank should be guarded 24/7.

If the tank isn’t too big and you can afford it, install a computer system that provides access to a chosen few. You can do this by having a system in place that only a few people can use. For example, having a smart card that limits the access to the unit.


These are some of the things that you should know when you have a bulk LPG tank. For the tank to last for long and give you the service you deserve to buy it from a reputable store. This calls for you to do plenty of research before you part with your money. It’s common for the tank to develop a leak or any other problem. When this happens, hire an expert to fix it.

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