Imitate Middle Eastern Spring Festival in a Corporate Event

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Middle Eastern spring festival, also known as Nowruz marks the beginning of Persian New Year. Middle Eastern countries celebrate it to welcome spring. It is an event that involves wearing new clothes and meeting and greeting within social circles. The origin of this festival called Nowruz dates back to the Zoroastrian religion, but it has now become more of an event that celebrates the arrival of the spring season.

The event has some features which make it distinct and unique. You can use these peculiarities of the festival and imitate the festivity in your next corporate event. It can prove to be a potent chance to spread awareness of a foreign culture in your workplace.

This article will guide you on ways to incorporate the peculiarities of Nowruz in your next corporate event.

Five Ways to Incorporate Nowruz in Corporate Events

Corporate events are often quite boring because the organizer doesn’t pay attention to the event concept. If your next event is around the corner and you are arranging it somewhere in the Middle East, Nowruz may be a very good option for you to incorporate in your event as the spring arrives. In order to make the event flawless from the point of conception to its execution, seek help from one of the event companies in Dubai, hence making your corporate event a success.

Help your team and stakeholders learn Persian greeting for New Year, which goes as ‘No-Rooz- Mubarak ‘. You can imitate the Middle Eastern spring festival in the following ways:

1. Encourage Persian dressing 

The origin of this festivity is somewhere in the ancient Persian land. In Iran, where it is celebrated with the highest level of zeal, people dress up in traditional attire. You can encourage the team and stakeholders to dress up in similar attire to that. Or if that is too much to ask for from them, you can ensure that the serving staff on the event day is adorned in the apparel, which gives the vibe of Nowruz.

2. Persian Santa Claus

Like the Christmas celebration, Nowruz involves a character like Santa Claus. It is called the Persian Santa Claus. And his hands and face are often painted black. This is to signify the soot from the fire, which holds key significance in Zoroastrian history. This figure can give away gifts and rewards to the event attendees as a token of remembrance of your event.

3. Revamping of Workplace Premises

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Cleaning things and hopes attached to new beginnings lie at the center of the celebration of Nowruz. While people clean up their houses in the Middle Eastern countries, you can make it a point to revamp the look of the workplace for the event if the venue of the event is the premises of the company.

4. Special Dishes

The event isn’t only about meeting and greeting people from your social circle. There are delicacies that people in Middle Eastern culture associate with the day. One of the famous traditional dishes involves a combination of white fish with pilaf herbs. It is called Sabz-polo-ba-mahl. Another dish commonly served is called Kuku sabzi, which includes tarragon, fenugreek, parsley, and coriander in its seasoning and serving.

Serve these dishes to treat your event attendees, but do keep some dishes which the majority will like, in case the cross-cultural taste doesn’t appeal to your guests.

5. The Traditional Soup 

On Nowruz, lentil and legume soup are one of the commonly taken appetizers, which also includes greens and noodles. The soup is liked by people of every age in Persia lands. Topping composes of crispy fried onions, fried mint leaves, and sour cream. You can serve this soup as the appetizer in your event and train the staff to explain it to your esteemed guests.

Looking Forward to Welcoming Spring With Your Team?

Corporate events are the business need in the twenty-first century. But since everyone is organizing them, think of doing something different. When you welcome spring this year with your team, amalgamate the Nowruz festival in your event concept and help your team gain some exposure to a foreign cultural festivity.

Good luck with organizing your next event!

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