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I am sure you have heard of the name brand “Dell”. Because they are such a recognizable brand, it is no wonder why toner based printers like the Dell 3110 are so popular. But is this the model for your home or office? Before deciding on the model that best fits your needs, it is smart to learn about the different models there are available. This should help you understand exactly what the Dell 3110 toner based printer has in store for its consumers.


In general, you could use this printer in both an office setting and a home setting. Nothing is stopping someone from taking any printer and using it in their office. In reality, the most fitting place for the Dell 3110 is for home use. It has all the bells and whistles a normal printer would have, can print in color, and has a very high page capacity. If you need a printer that has storage, prints quickly, prints in color, and is simple to operate, continue reading.


The page output per minute for the Dell 3110 for monochrome is up to 19 pages per minute. This is a very rapid pace considering the quality you can expect from this toner based printer. When it comes to color printing, things do slow down a notch. Consumers should only expect 3 pages per minute when printing in full color at the highest resolution setting. The resolution for this machine is 600 x 600 DPI which means you should expect above average quality even though the speed isn’t the best in the world.


If you like printers that can hold large amounts of paper at once, the Dell 3110 fits the bill. It can hold 400 pages out of the box between the two trays that are standard. You also have the option of adding on additional trays for more capacity. The amount of RAM that comes with this unit is rated at 128MB but can be upgraded to over a Gigabyte.

Most personal computer users will get everything they need out of this printer. It does its job flawlessly and is very low on maintenance costs. The user friendly interface and the cost effective option of the market makes it a prime printer for any consumer. This is especially true for consumers who are still using ink printers instead of toner based printers in their home or in their small office.

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