Instagram Marketing Strategies You Must Try in 2020

Did you know that 72% of people buy a product after seeing it on Instagram? This makes Instagram one of the best social media to run social media marketing for your business.

However, to be able to get the most out of Instagram, you can’t just post pictures or videos. A surefire strategy is needed so your business can reach Instagram users.

5 Instagram Marketing Strategies You Must Try

Here are some Instagram marketing strategies that you must try for optimal business, namely:

Use an Instagram Business Account

Optimize Your Business Profile

Know the Types of Posts on Instagram

Instagram Feed Optimization

Take advantage of Instagram Stories

Explanation of the points above will be discussed in depth below. So, make sure you read this article to the end so that the Instagram Marketing strategy for your business is optimal.

Before we begin, you need to remember that Instagram is more intended for in-the-moment content. The point is that users prefer new and up-to-date content, rather than old content/uploads. So, you need to make an effort to post often to stay relevant to existing developments.

Without lingering any longer, here are 5 Instagram Marketing strategies that you must try to be successful.

  1. Use a Business Instagram Account

This first method is mandatory before you move to the next strategy. Because, a business account makes it easy for potential customers to contact you and give a more professional impression on your business.

In addition, the business Instagram account ( Instagram for Business) also has some features that are not in a personal Instagram account. Some of them are you can make Instagram Ads and you can also access Insights. Insights is a feature that is useful for analyzing and providing statistics about your account.

If you still use a personal account, you can change it easily. Enter the Settings menu , click Account and Switch to Professional Account.

Oh yes, if your account was previously private, we recommend changing it to public on this business account. Because, people will be easier to see your posts and can immediately follow without obstacles.

  1. Optimize Your Business Profile

The first step after changing your account to Instagram Business is to optimize your profile. A good and professional profile can turn potential customers into permanent consumers. There are several ways that you must do, namely:

2.1. Choose a Username that is Simple and Easy to Recognize

Ideally, you use a username with a business name. In addition to being easily found, people also will not be wrongly tagged when posting or commenting.

However, if the business name has been taken by someone else, you can add a word behind it. Remember, the word behind must also relate to your business to be easily recognized.

2.2. Use your Brand Profile Photos

A profile photo is the first thing people see when they visit your business account. In addition, a profile photo will also appear in every comment or post that you make. So, a profile photo is the most important element in your profile.

Therefore, choose a profile photo that describes your brand or business. Generally, business accounts use a business / company logo as their profile photo. However, you can also do research on competitors to find out what profile photos they use.

2.3. Write interesting and informative bio

After your profile photo, people will look at your bio. Therefore, you must be able to maximize well the 150 characters provided by Instagram.

You can write a bio that explains what your business is and the benefits that will be gained by consumers. If the target audience for the business is the younger generation, you can also add emojis to the bio.

2.4. Enter CTA

Call-to-action (CTA) must exist in your bio suffix. This CTA is to bring consumers closer to buying your product. For example, “Enjoy the promo now!” or “Click to get a discount!”

This CTA could also be about an ongoing contest / contest. As done by this GoPro:

2.5. Enter the Link under the CTA

After ending your bio with a CTA, you must enter the link below. Remember, the link must be related to the CTA so as not to confuse consumers.

If the CTA is about a promo, then enter the link to the promo. If regarding the contest, enter the link to the contest. Do not CTA about promos, but instead to the contest or vice versa.

  1. Know the Types of Posts on Instagram

After you use a business account, now is the time to create quality content. On Instagram, content is divided into four, namely Instagram feeds, Instagram Stories, Instagram Live, and Instagram TV. Following is a brief explanation of each type of content:

3.1. Instagram feed

An Instagram feed is the entire photo or video that you have posted on that Instagram account. This can be a quick way to attract potential customers with unique and interesting visuals.

3.2. Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories is different from the content on Instagram in general. Stories only last for 24 hours and the Stories position is also above your feed.

Stories has many benefits for businesses and also has several advantages over other types of content. What are they? You can find it at point number five.

3.3. Instagram Live

As the name suggests, Instagram Live is a type of content where you do live broadcasts that can be watched by followers. We provide tips and tricks for maximizing Instagram Live in point number six below.

3.4. Instagram TV

Instagram TV or IGTV is one of the newest features on Instagram. Different from Instagram Live, which broadcasts live, IGTV is more similar to YouTube. On IGTV a follower can watch videos that you have uploaded. We discuss IGTV in full in point number seven.

  1. Instagram Feed Optimization

The content you post on Instagram feeds must match the brand and at the same time be well received by followers. Therefore, you must know what type of content should be posted there.

The types of content in Instagram feeds can be divided into two, namely pictures and videos. For images there are no special provisions. As for video, the maximum duration is 60 seconds with dimensions of 1080 x 608 for portrait and 1080 x 1350 for landscape.

4.1. Behind-the-Scene Pictures

This type of image is a picture that shows a side of your business that is not widely known. This picture is a post that displays what is happening behind the scenes in your business.

This post can be a picture that shows the process of making the product to the packing process before sending to the buyer. Keep the picture behind the scenes as is and not made up in order to give an authentic impression in the eyes of consumers.

4.2. Educational Pictures

As the name suggests, this type of image is an image that can educate your followers. Whether it’s in the form of tips or guidelines for making something. Usually the instructions given are short instructions that are easy to follow.

4.3. Image of an Influencer

This type of image utilizes someone’s fame to promote your business to their followers. Usually this picture shows the influencer currently using / interacting with your product.

4.4. Pictures of Followers

This type of image utilizes posts from your followers which you then repost (regram). Make sure you also tag the follower that you regramed, yes. We will discuss this regram further in point number eight.

4.5. Pictures on Remembrance Day

Well, this one image uses the anniversary of something that is happening on that day . Don’t miss it. Because, it could be a memorial day to be the best opportunity to post content with a specific theme or promotion of your related products.

4.6. Entertaining Videos

An entertaining video can be the best way to show your brand personality and make your followers smile at the same time. In fact, if you succeed in making followers laugh, it’s almost certain that they will leave likes, comments, and share it with their friends.

4.7. Video story

Stories are an important component in promotion. Because, who doesn’t like a good story? You can talk about many things. Starting from the origin of the brand, to the story of the experience of consumers using your product.

4.8. Educational Video

You can educate followers about things related to the brand. That way followers will understand more about your products and can increase follower intention to buy.

4.9. Behind-the-Scene video

Similar to behind-the-scene images, this type of video aims to show the other side of your business. Don’t forget to make it as is and not made up.

  1. Take advantage of Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories is different from other Instagram posts. Apart from being only last 24 hours, the Stories position is also above your feed. This difference, making Instagram Stories has several advantages over ordinary posts, namely:

Its position at the top of the feed also makes it the first thing is seen by followers when opening Instagram.

Even though it only lasts 24 hours, Stories can be stored on your cellphone and can be used again at a later time.

You can try using filters or stickers that have been provided to make your Stories more colorful.

You can experiment using free tools like Canva or InVideo.

You can also tag someone’s account. Very useful if you collaborate with influencers or other brands.

You can make Stories whenever you want

The number of Stories that you can make is unlimited.

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