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The first two episodes of WandaVision, Disney’s first major attempt to bring familiar Marvel characters from the cinema to TV, more specifically for its own streaming service, have been released. The other issue is that instead of costumed superheroes, we got a black and white family sitcom from the fifties about the marriage of an android and a witch. WandaVision is one of the most original ideas the Marvel – Disney couple has come up with in recent years.

(We’ve written to Telex before about how Disney will launch its streaming show production, and what that means for the Marvel universe, so whoever doesn’t have a shot of what WandaVision is, read this and this article.)

Disney also released two episodes right away on Friday, but none longer than half an hour. This is no accident, as WandaVision

is basically a family sitcomparody in fifties America where a young couple moves into the garden city. The other issue is that the young couple is an android and a witch who don’t even remember when they got married.

Disney apparently let showrunner Jac Schaeffer and director Matt Shakman unleash their imagination, and they really made a series of two Revenge characters that seem to have nothing to do with the superhero shown in cinemas. Not so much that the first two episodes are age-old black and white, age-specific music and animations have been added, and even the aspect ratio is set like on old TVs. Even commercials were filmed separately for the episodes to make the viewer really feel what they see, the fifties.

Best of all, apparently everyone has fully immersed themselves in making a “simple” sitcom out of the Disney budget, and the characters sparkle in almost every scene. In Revenge movies, Vision and Scarlet Witch are just a few of the supporting characters, and in their short screen time, it didn’t really make sense what it meant to contract Paul Bettany and Elizabeth Olsen, the younger brothers of the Olsen twins, for two such roles if they were barely used for anything.

WandaVision is just good for making these two actors really complete. As a TV director (Battle of the Thrones, Fargo, Cloudless Philadelphia, Mad Men, The Boys, Dr. House), Matt Shakman let every actor overplay the character that makes the whole show so vaguely American, but meanwhile the humor isn’t just boring jokes and sitcoms. , but is full of minor marvelous references, figuring out the social conditions of the age, and even some kind of thriller mood appears here and there, which we will cover later.

Olsen and Bettany form a glamorous couple together as they try to integrate into people with their android and their own abilities and just an acquaintance witch trying to pretend to be a boring small town couple. The series is honestly funny, kind, and both Olsen and Bettany are so much fun in their roles that it’s a pleasure to watch. In the second episode, there’s a big scene in which the two of them produce themselves in front of an audience, and there Bettany spit out like a young Hugh Laurie. It’s also important to highlight Kathryn Hahn, who is a classic “where are you so familiar from?” type character actor, and ingeniously brings the role of a woman spoon in each juice spoon.


However, the series also warns several times that something is wrong with this whole thing, somehow it doesn’t cling to the fact that the Vision of the last Avengers and the Scarlet Witch blessed with reality-forming abilities live their gray but rather black-and-white everyday lives in the fifties. In both episodes, he breaks through the fourth wallthe story, that is, in the idyllic family comedy, an image or sound appears that puts it all in quotation marks. At the end of the first part, we see that someone is just watching the whole thing on TV, and in the second part, someone is calling Wanda over the radio as if they were just trying to wake him up from his sleep. It is known – and the second part suggests – that the series will alternate between sitcoms from different eras, but even after the two parts it has not been revealed whether WandaVision is now a reality or not, and if not, then what also happens in the background really? And what has all this got to do with the twenty-three Marvel films released so far?

I highly, highly recommend everyone, if you know, to watch the first two parts of WandaVision with someone who specifically hates Marvel movies or is simply bored with superhero blockbusters. You don’t have to be a geek or a Marvel expert for anyone to enjoy the series ’old and yet fresh-looking humor, you just have to quickly get over the fact that we’re not seeing an average American couple, but a witch and a robot starring in the Avengers. Anyone who, like me, is passionate about every little detail of Marvel, can smile at a bunch of jokes, twinks, and dropped sentences that, well, can only be understood by those who have previously delved deeper into the subject.

While Marvel movies are rightly attacked by all following the same formula, WandaVision is the complete opposite. There will surely be those who are outraged that they wanted to see flying heroes, fighting, and flag cloaks, but they should watch any of the twenty-three movies, it’s finally something completely different, and most of all, it sounds different.

That’s why it certainly doesn’t sound as big as the Mandalorian, but it’s even more promising that, for decades, only Disney, who has always played for sure, has finally realized that you can play with the same action figures other than war.

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