ITM: participation of medical students in epidemic control is included in the study progress

The participation of medical students in the control of the coronavirus epidemic is included in the completion of the semester, and the Ministry of Innovation and Technology (ITM), as the maintainer of the universities of medicine and health sciences, provides them with all the conditions for successful completion of the semester.

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In a statement sent to MTI on Thursday, the ministry reminded that students participating in medical and health training contribute to the national screening of teachers and nursery workers, government office staff, clinics and hospitals, coronavirus screening work.
Students involved in epidemic control in medical and health education gain both hands-on hands-on experience and help with health care workers, they added.
It was reported that according to the data of the organizing government offices, 1624 young people were involved in these tasks in the first two weeks of teacher screening. Hundreds of university students are currently performing screening tasks, and about a thousand are involved in patient care in hospitals and clinics.
The average two-week occupation counts towards the completion of the semester, and students are paid for their work. Testing of those working in education and government offices is carried out under a student employment contract under the relevant regulation, income is tax-, social-contribution- and non-contributory, – it was written.
They were informed that in the academic year 2021/2022, the institutions may provide for the study and examination obligations of the students differently from the provisions of their own regulations, providing more favorable conditions for those concerned. Thus, students working in epidemic control should not be disadvantaged or disadvantaged in any way, they said, adding that all educators strive to enable them to continue their studies successfully, taking into account their additional responsibilities.
The statement quoted Balázs Hankó, the ministry’s deputy secretary of state for higher education, who said: “In an epidemic situation, students stand up to their oath and help to defend themselves”. Thanks are due to the young people involved in the fight against the epidemic, and their academic progress should not be hindered or even supported by the work done, he emphasized.
The government asked medical students to help with health control against the epidemic when the emergency was declared. The common goal is to preserve the life and health of the Hungarian people and to preserve the functioning of the country – read in the communication.

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