Key things to consider when choosing a Sony home theatre system

choosing a Sony home theatre system
choosing a Sony home theatre system

When listening to your favourite playlist or watching movies, or enjoying sports events at home, the primary speaker system can’t offer you the experience you intend. Most music lovers will consider soundbars or home theatre speakers for their living rooms. 

They are not just comfortable but assure an enhancement over the built-in television speakers. If you are in the market checking JBL, Creative, Bose or Sony home theatre prices, then you are in the right place. Let’s take a look at the key factors you must be aware of while choosing a Sony home theatre system:

Coverage area and Budget

The free space, the total size of the room, and speaker system placement location are crucial things that need to be analysed. If you plan to get a speaker system for a small space, you can go for a home theatre speaker package that relies on bookshelf sized speakers. Whereas if you have a somewhat large room, you can consider a 7.1 home theatre speaker setup with a package that comes with either floor standing or bookshelf speakers.

Your allotted budget and requirements are that will assist you in narrowing down on the home theatre speaker options. In most cases, buyers spend a lot of money on the interiors, setting up the room, and the TV set. However, good quality amplifiers and speakers are neglected by many. 

Home theatre speakers

The main speakers play a significant role in producing good audio quality. While some home theatre speaker packages come bundled with bookshelf speakers, whereas some of the home theatre speaker models come with floor standing speakers. Usually, home theatre speakers come with either 5.1 channel or 7.1 channel speakers. In the Sony home theatre speaker systems, a subwoofer generates low frequencies and is accompanied by satellite speakers for the centre, front, and rear channel speakers. In a home theatre speaker setup, users can have the speakers arranged on the floor or install the four satellite speakers in each corner of their room.

A/V Receivers

The A/V receiver is the core of any home theatre speaker setup, so users need to make sure that the speaker system they choose has a good quality A/V Receiver. Nowadays, A/V receivers come bundled with great features, all thanks to growing technology.

Power output

The total power output of a standard amplifier is usually indicated in watts. It is vital to make sure that your receiver is strong enough to be able to provide enough power to the various connected speakers. 

Generally, for excellent performance, try to look for an A/V receiver that offers at least 100 watts of power to each channel. Another way of expressing or specifying the performance of the amplifier and speakers is impedance. Most of the speakers are rated at around 6 or 8 Ohms. In the case of Sony home theatre speaker systems, the speakers and amplifiers are paired suitably by the manufacturer.

Importance of the surround sound processing

For first time home theatre speaker buyers, the broad range of surround sound options can be pretty complicated. Nearly all of the latest Sony A/V receivers are compatible with Dolby Digital and DTS soundtracks from the Blu-ray discs, HDTV broadcasts, DVDs, Netflix, etc. That’s not all; Dolby True HD and Dolby DTS-HD are also easily handled by the latest Sony home theatre receivers, therefore allowing users to experience a pure and immersive surround sound output right at their homes. To enhance your favourite music listening experience, some Sony home theatre speaker receivers also come with a series of equalizer presets.

Sony home theatre speaker packages are setups that may include a subwoofer, an audio amplifier receiver, and satellite speakers. Many brands sell home theatre systems, and the price of these sound systems varies based on the features offered. But Sony home theatre prices and their hardware configuration makes them one of the best choices for your needs.

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